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Started by GuitarBrony, 2015 Feb 20, 17:46:28

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So, I made this channel a while ago, and even did a video or two, but I feel like I should have posted it  here. My main channel that I use to comment has just gotten cluttered with my ukulele challenge stuff, and quick videos, to the point where I want to be able to separate the stuff that's just fun and fellowship, and the things that I actually put effort into. Or at least things that aren't "Spur of the moment." Namely, pony music.

The second reason is the limitations I have with soundcloud. If I want to do a good number of videos (which I hope to at least put out, whether they get attention or not,) I can't be limited to the 2 free hours. Plus, I can make use of the video part of, well, videos, to my advantage, should I so choose.

So... here it is, in case anypony here would like to check out what happens when GB takes things seriously for once. Hope y'all enjoy.  ^-^
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this vid caught my eye][/URL]
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