Legends of Equestria Feb. 2015 OSW 6.5 (My POV)

Started by LostSanity, 2015 Feb 20, 12:48:01

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2015 Feb 20, 12:48:01 Last Edit: 2015 Feb 22, 17:51:19 by LostSanity
I'll be livestreaming the game soon on the Equus server!!

Keep in mind that I CAN NOT use skills and this is NOT a problem on my end. SORRY!!

See you there!!



I will be unable to fulfill my promise of doing another livestream again today. For that I sincerely apologize. There are several reasons for this:

1. A major snowstorm has hit the area where I live and I'm worn out from all of the shoveling I've had to do. I really don't feel like doing much except crawling into bed and taking a nap

2. I'm seeing too many people reporting that they are unable to connect to the servers. Then they're open. Then they're not. Looks like we've gone back to problems with the game.

3. I'm disappointed that I can't use skills and somehow I can't teleport even though I clearly chose unicorn. I'm not re-downloading the whole game just to fix this. This should have been fixed beforehand. Sorry. That's just how I feel.

So... yeah... sorry.


Videos of the recorded livestreams uploaded to my YouTube account will be posted here.

Here's a sort of "index" if you don't want to watch the full close-to-an-hour video:

Cantermare: Beginning of video, 23:34

Cloudopolis: 7:59, resumes at 15:16

To skip past me having problems with the game: 15:16

Heartlands (A LOT OF IT): 28:46

Attacked by Cockatrices!!: 32:37

Ponydale: 40:38

Here's the video itself:

Day 1
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