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Started by fandomland_luvs_u, 2015 Feb 19, 22:29:02

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I went to download LoE and found out that it isn't on Linux yet. Luckily, I know a way to play on Linux before an official release using a program called Wine. I ran into some problems, so I thought it would be best to share the solutions with everybody.

(This tutorial is made with Ubuntu users in mind, since it's one of the most popular distributions, but if you are using another form of Linux, you should be able to figure it out)

1) Open up a new terminal window and enter this command and then your root password to add Wine's repository:

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sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

After it finishes, enter this to update the repository listings:

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sudo apt-get update

And finally, enter this to actually install Wine:

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sudo apt-get install wine1.7

2) Download either the 32 or 64 bit version of LoE for Windows and save it to your desktop and extract it normally. Wine will be able to run it.

3) Back in your terminal, change it's directory to your desktop with this command:

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cd Desktop

Normally you could just right-click and open it with Wine, but I found that it would crash instantly, so I found a different way to run it. It wouldn't hurt to try it the normal way, but it will probably still crash.

Type the following command to run LoE:

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wine LoE_x64_2015-02-20.exe --opengl

Congratulations, you should now be able to run LoE on Linux. Make sure not to close the terminal, it's what is keeping the game running. I hope that this helped you, it may not be the best way to run it, but it's all we have until an official Linux release.


Great tutorial for linux users.


A day after this is posted, the Linux client comes out XD

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