My new life (chapter 1)

Started by Nahyo, 2015 Feb 18, 11:48:00

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Hello to all who read and read this now and forever. Today I come here to submit a fanfic of my little pony friendship is magic, about the life of my two ocs:

Yanire : A dumb unicorn mane pink with purple tips, pale blue coat , and maroon eyes , the cutie mark is a pen on a white paper , representing his talent for drawing.

White : A pegasus with only one wing , mane and coat completely white, and blue eyes very, very clear , the cutie mark is a patch of gray paint , symbolizing his talent for coloring with brush.

Well, now that I have presented to the two protagonists of this fanfic, proceed to talk a little about the story before beginning the first part of Chapter 1 (how long chapter, the birth of two halves to be a reading less load):

Name of the fanfic: My new life.

Type of fanfic: Slice of life

Synopsis: A dumb unicorn called Yanire working for Princess Celestia, is extresa very easly , so , your majesty , Princess Celestia, sends it to a holiday with expenses paid to a small country town , so you can relax and make friends. Yanire accepts without being very convinced, but there in Ponyville know a lot of people which will be friends ( including Pegasus on one wing and almost completely white , White ) ...

Great, now I have already submitted to the stars and talked a bit about the history , now it display the first chapter ( in parts, as I said before). But if someone is not interested , you can leave this issue ( why I talked a bit about the story before, if someone was not interested , he had not read the first chapter to find out ). Without further ado , here is the first part of Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: One new day, one new life

Just the sound of the train slide on the tracks, disminuyedo speed when approaching the ppróxima season, breaking the monotonous silence of a cualuqiera day just a couple of hours after sunrise. I had woken up by the annoying sound of an apparatus which I call " Dumbdon " which is a kind of keyboard talking computer , serving Wake and speech when is dumb, because I'm dumb , of course.

The Hard braking when the train finally stopped , he did balanzearme me it forward in the seat, interumpió my monotonous thinking while looking out the window.

-My dear passengers, we have arrived at the station Ponyville - enjoy sounded the voice of the operator of the car , while some ponies woke up and shook another, and the other way too.

The baggage had fallen to the floor of the car, and already some ponies frantically searched their bags. I took mine , who had with me since I was awake , and got off the train.

I studied the place with care, was unremarkable , was any village , a not very large, rather medium , with ordinary ponies, and normal buildings . He saw what was that place special to Princess Celestia had sent me there.

Suddenly I saw a pony mane of yellow , orange coat , green eyes, whose cutie mark was three blocks away, and wearing a brown cowboy hat , that held aloft a sign that read: " Yanire ". That must be the pony with the Princess Celestia had told me stay ( with his family ).

I approached her while she looked elsewhere, did not seem very careful who left the train and who is not , looked thoughtful for some reason , so I played with pin backs, and the pony was startled , looking , the there was scared. He looked at me , yet thoughtful , as if wondering who I was, and that bothered her , so I pointed to the sign , and she dropped it , studying it first and then me.

-Are you trying to tell me something about the poster? Does it broke and not see it? -asked the pony seemed to be silly . - I Do not see anything unusual, what do you want?

I started to move helmets , trying to speak in sign language ell , but , as imagined, did not hear anything because I knew is that this pony seemed silly , but it was even more. I grabbed my " Dumbdon " and said :

- " No, not that, is that I am Yanire " .

The pony nodded like a fool understanding . "Of course, this is probably the most stupid pony I've known since I met this pegasus who lived underground and could not fly , how was it? I think it was Nia , or something ... " , I thought, realizing that long ago that I knew no one so stupid .

She quickly grabbed my suitcase and told me to follow her without a word . "Now why do not speak this silly ? It blows me foolish people who after realizing that a mistake is silent, as if dumb " began to get angry , I had always bothered the ponies as that , silly and over by becoming silent. Yet despite that, I went through the village streets , and then beyond , along a path that , after a while, we condució to a farmhouse , surrounded by a great vastness of apple , that was a sight beautiful.

-Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres, the farm of my family, Apple Family! -said the pony , while I admired , speechless , the great vastness of apple , never seen so many in one place , it was amazing.

I took inside the farm , and led me to the barn , did not understand why , but she was very happy to open the doors of the barn, it was all dark.

-Surprise!!! -shouted a multitude of different voices from the barn , but seconds before , hearing like someone took a big breath, and had covered my ears with helmets , protecting the loud sound.

Suddenly , the lights were lit barn and I could see inside there was a great multitude of different ponies . The ranero was decorated with colorful garlands , and had a banner hanging that read: "Welcome to Ponyville , Yanire " . There were a couple of tables with pastry up , but did not pay attention , had fixed the banner look.

-Well , you like ? -asked the pony brown cowboy hat , and I was about to nod, but was close to shake his head , indecisive , I ran.

I left the farm at full speed , without knowing where to turn, knowing it would end losing myself in one way or another, and I was right , without realizing it, I entered into a thick, dark forest , I did not care where, just wanted to get away party ... and above all of that banner. A while later, tired, and deep in the forest, I stopped, panting hard . I dropped under any tree, closing his eyes.

Suddenly , I jumped up . "">Read the forum rules. ! I 've left the " Dumbdon "in the ranero of that pony" , I did not like the feeling of helplessness that I was being so far from the " Dumbdon " because he was sure he was far away. "I have to stop running from the welcome banners, but still not forgotten how it ended that time ... " began to remember the worst day of my life:

I was just a filly either , and my parents and I were moving us to another village, estab very, very happy, because I thought it was going to be able to make many new friends.

It was the first day at my new school when in class, I rode ua great welcome party. There were cakes, colored confetti , streamers ... and a giant banner that read : "Welcome , Yanire ". I was so happy she could see from space. The Great time at the party. We played a lot of different things , and ate cake so much that we thought we were going to explode.

And when the party finally ended and I started to walk out the door, a can of black paint fell on me.

I looked up and saw a can of black paint empty hanging over me. I looked was in the class, where my new classmates were laughing at tremendous laughter.

It had relied on those ponies, and had believed that they could be good friends of mine, but I was wrong, a lot.

After remember, I could not help feeling very angry and give a tremendous kick to any tree, only shook a little, I had never given mu strong kicks, let's say. "Since then, I never again trust any pony that were greeting me cheerfully , and less any welcome banner " continued furious , and aora throwing kicks randomly in the air, I almost give a bird flying low quietly. " From that party , I fled from every party who organized me, even of holding my own birthday, and so I refused to attend the birthday of the only true friend she had ever done a pegasus living under land and could not fly, sky blue mane of golden fur and pink eyes, whose cutie mark I never got to see, she was called Nia, or something like that. " She just had me me as a friend, and I never congratulated on his birthday, now I feel like a monster," I finally had relaxed again be tired , so I sat back under the tree.

Well, I hope you liked the first part of the first chapter. If so, I will bring the second part soon, so you can enjoy it,

a greeting,


PD: If you want to see the subject of discussion fic, you can do it on this link:

A greeting,


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