Who\'s your favorite pony?

Started by ComeGetSome, 2015 Feb 12, 09:46:02

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Simply discuss your favorite pony. From just saying "APPLEJACK BEST PONY" to a long paragraph of why you like your favorite pony. The only rule here is to not talk about the ponies you hate/dislike. I don't appreciate hate threads about anything in general.

Me? I personally like Rarity and Littlepip (Fan character) the most. Rarity is so overthetop dramatic, it's funny and she's also one of the most beautiful ponies I've ever seen. Littlepip is the true example of a weak and fragile pony who builds up to be brave, strong and a straight up epic character. That's just why I like them in one short sentence. What are your favorite ponies?

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I agree. She is my favorite pony. Probably one of my top 5s.


My favorite Pony is Pinkie Pie <3 She's just so happy and cute!! Plus her parties look like so much fun!

Just seeing her face instantly makes me feel happy :)

Not to be confused with Zukiuke


Although my favourite is Rainbow Dash I can't number the rest of the ponies. Fluttershy is so cute but Pinkie is so happy but Twilight is so BOOKS but Applejack is so YEEEAAHHH and Rarity is so... Her.

You get the gist xD

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Spoiler: My favorite gotta be Rarity • show

I mean,

She is so cute,

fancy, charming,

a drama queen,

and just

What is there to not like about her?

She also works really hard, and is more than just your usual designer, she puts her soul into her work.
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Quote from: Naura on 2015 Feb 14, 11:08:18
Spoiler: My favorite gotta be Rarity • show

I mean,

She is so cute,

fancy, charming,

a drama queen,

and just

What is there to not like about her?

She also works really hard, and is more than just your usual designer, she puts her soul into her work.

About time we get some more big timeRarity fans in the community.


Adorable fluffy creatures


Do I get bonus points if Rarity is my second favorite pony? ;)

Not to be confused with Zukiuke


Oh, what a night



She's probably the most fleshed out of the main 6, and is interesting to boot.

Not to mention her voice actress does a fantastic job bringing life to the character.
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Hmmmmm... Well, I can't really pick just ONE... but my top three would have to be...

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show
 Princess Luna!

3. Last, but not least...
Spoiler: show
 Derpy! (Or Ditzy, if you prefer)

Why do I like them? For the same reason everypony likes their favourite pony! CUZ THEIR AWESOME.


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Now it is PINKIE PIE!!!

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Luna is best pony.

My second favorite is princess celestia so my main theme is mostly a royal sisters theme.
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Sunset Shimmer ! I love her design (pony as well as human), her backstory, her voice... she's just awesome  <3


she has all my habits ))


So many Fluttershies and Rarities!

I'm not left out... I'M NOT LEFT OUT! (Even though Fluttershy is bottom tier of my favorite ponies of all time.)

Lync Volan

Spoiler: Sunset Shimmer Equestria Girls • show
she strait up confronts Twilight a "Princess" without any power whats so ever (aside from earned Knowledge of course)

her classic "Innocents" gained her the siding of the vice principal for awhile

she even physically faces the mane 6 without any powers

not to mention the Difficulty she gave the cast by making them think they hated eachother and who knows how she knew she had to do that but she did (we find out in the comics)

in the end she really earned the power she got but the only reason she could not keep that "exact" power is cause "good" guys have to win (Excuse my bluntness on that remark XD)

i almost forgot to mention she also physically faces Twilight back in Equestria when stealing the crown (Who is an Alicorn) and you would think she would be alittle fearful about that but No cause she knows what shes doing and how well planed out it is and even though the plan didn't go exact at first she quickly Improvised and got really far

Spoiler: Sunset Shimmer Rainbow Rocks • show
you can see her "Trying" to make up for everything during the very start of the movie

the way her "Friends" neglected her gave the movie some kinda "bounce"

she admits the heavy things in life like still having "a lot to learn"

she herself shows you how much "expectation" can hurt others

and the fact she was able to bring the group back in balance with one another says something :]

during the movie i liked the Dazzlings way more then the Rainbooms but then something changed when Sunset Shimmer joined at the end

she also has those small moments likev

in simple terms i photo edited a little something to explain X3

Spoiler: Sunset Shimmer Comics • show
in the Comics which i recently read she goes trough the hardship of "unexplained reasoning" during her past in Equestria as Celestias Student cause Celestia kept saying "she wasn't ready" or something along those lines without explaining much which i myself would Disobey out of Curiosity and such even Celestia herself admits she made the Mistake but i do admit Sunset Shimmer might have had an "ego" but its not like that in itself made her run off on her own it was Celestia's mistake in not explaining Thoroughly (don't get me wrong i like Celestia) <Equestria Girls 2013 Annual

then theres the Holiday comic where the Crusaders kinda Framed Sunset Shimmer because they felt Neglected but i'll be honest that i never suspected them even though there alternate selves kinda spit out secrets in there school news paper but in fact i suspected Trixie above all else...ANYWAYS! back on subject!
Sunset Shimmer being framed really made me Emotional for some reason which made her comic self even more lovable then theres the fact she has the hardship of being alone during the holidays
we get to see her converse with Twilight using her Magic book and we see how trusting they are with one another compared to anyone else

Sunset Shimmer stays strong and true to herself during the whole comic even when everyone else doubts her and blames her she still keeps trying to get trough to the other 5

she shows Sincere emotion during the comic especially when talking to Twilight
(did you see Sunset Shimmer's great Detective outfit :3?)<Equestria Girls Holiday Special

(we also find out small details during both comics like "how Sunset Shimmer knew to Deteriorate the friendship of the mane 5 during Eg 1" and that "Twilight and Sunset Shimmer indeed in fact were in the same area once or twice before the events of Equestria Girls" and that "Sunset Shimmer might sleep in the same area Twilight did during Eg1 in the Library")

my other Favorites would be Rainbow Dash,Applejack,Fiddly Faddle
but i'll be honest that i don't have any characters i dislike since every single one of them has something about there selves which i like that i can explain but this comment is becoming TOO LONG


Ok don't think I am crazy cause rainbow dash is my favorite pony so yeah I am not crazy

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