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Started by Itty Bit, 2015 Feb 10, 21:24:30

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Itty Bit

2015 Feb 10, 21:24:30 Last Edit: 2015 Feb 11, 14:12:17 by Itty Bit
I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this topic...
But either way, this nifty little application was released for the Nintendo 3DS for club Nintendo Members today, which is awesome! You can all use this thread to share the little animations you have made if you have said application.
Here are some of mine!

Big thanks to Princess Parfait for this beautiful title! Click on it to check out my Tumblr! <3



I have it also!  ^-^ Here's one of the flipnotes I made~ :)

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I got It too, but All the decent stuff I made was all on the original Flipnote. I made an Itty gif in 3D tho!


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