Thing you want to see in the FiM movie releasing in 2017

Started by BludSpammd, 2015 Feb 08, 12:10:21

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It's confirmed a couple of weeks ago on Equestria Daily that they're making a movie. What do you think the movie is going to be about? A grand adventure traveling far distances?
Lots of back-story?

For me I feel like it would be great to see a lot of scenery with a lot of orchestrated music like in:

Everyone probably wants a villain in it, but I could definitely see more fun in it like traveling across Equestria for a treasure or to look for medicine maybe to heal someone who is sick. Maybe Granny Smith If another villain is introduced I think it would end up being too predictable and would just end up letting the mane 6 use the Elements of Harmony or Rainbow Powers.

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Are you sure it's not Equestria girls 3? As we know there will be a 3rd part and most likely it would be after the next season which would be next year.

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I want a predicable villian
Always it doesn't feel like a ridiculously long episode its fine for me :v
About eq3 I'm sure it would be after s5, the movie on 2017 was confirmed as a full lenght pony movie :v


I just want it to be all pony.

I'm sure it'll be good. That's what I'm going to hope for at least.

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well if it is a FiM movie vs a EG movie then it better have a epic battle (like Tirek vs Twilight)
When that battle happened, even some anti-brony's started watching O:

I want to see Discord too, could be funny if they had a plot twist of the mane 6 getting trapped or something and its up to the CMC to save the say... With the master of chaos as the babysitter lol

But yeah if its just to tie together EG and FiM then eh... its just another FUBAR.


If I had a long wish list of things I'd like to see in the movie, I'd worry that I'd build the film up to be something that it's not, and won't be able to enjoy it for what it is once it's released.

I'm just happy that we're finally getting a full length pony adventure <3

Although I am kind of hoping that it doesn't just feel like a "longer than usual" episode. I mean I get that's basically what it's gonna be, but I'd love for it to feel more cinematic.

Not "ACTION ACTION ACTION/DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA" like those live action films aimed at adults, but like a really really good kids film. Something like what Disney does or maybe a Don Bluth film like The Secret of Nimh. Maybe with some moral ambiguity but still high-flying adventure like a film from Studio Ghibli.

So long as it's an improvement from this, I'll be happy lol

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All I can say is I hope it is a new epic and devious plot by Her Highness, Queen Chrysalis, to conquer Equestria.  ovO

Canterlot Wedding had to be squeezed into 45 minutes. This is their chance to have a proper, epic adventure story involving the very best villains in the series. *crosses fingers, toes, and shadowy tendrils*
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Quote from: Jack Pipsam on 2015 Mar 14, 02:47:33
If the movie is going to be the end (which I suspect it will be), I'd like it to end with a bang.

I doubt it will be the end. Hasbro announced only last year that they expect the MLP:FiM franchise to continue bringing good revenue for at least another five years.  ^-^
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If it has any villain at all, it better be ALL the villains so far joined together, rather than a new one. That's what I wanna see, all the villains teamed up together, and the solution should be something a little more interesting than "Oooh supercharged goodness blast", but I got no ideas.


Villains that have yet to be reformed and its up to the reformed villains to stop them. The plot could be where the reformed start having a relapse and its discord that's snaps them out of it. Being the 1 that turned back to evil with Tirek. OR the source of what made the Villains go evil to begin with. Like we learn that Princess Luna the first Villain of the series has been poisoned buy some evil, manipulative, Being. Or maybe there could be a counter to the Tree of harmony. Be called the Tree of Unfriended.

This is just a thought.


More development in the concepts and ideas that were not explained in the show. Also, better animation.
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Quote from: Icy Shield on 2015 Mar 13, 21:20:32
Star Swirl the Bearded and relationships of royal sisters: Luna and Celestia. Their personal characterzations.



 o.O It's probably gonna be another Equestria Girls movie... But I would love to see a  real one. Like, a new villain, new ponies, etc. :3.

A new princess :o.

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