Server software for private servers / experimenting?

Started by Dowlphin, 2015 Feb 02, 02:05:07

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IIRC last OSW (I mean the one before the recent one) the server software was available, so one could do some own fooling around in the game world. (Couldn't find the software in my old backups though, so maybe I am mistaken.) Is this still an option? I noticed that the biggest change to the game seems to have been additions to the game world, and I'd like to do some exploring and other stuff.


I'm pretty sure that you can only log onto the game if the servers are up, and since the servers are closed at the's basically a no-go.

I also remember someone saying that a single player mode won't be available for the game at all

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To put things bluntly we Do not support or allow advertisements for Private servers on this site. We are aware of the issue of them outside of LoE. However we don't want discussions of them on this site.
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