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Thorn Of Discord

2015 Jan 27, 01:55:50 Last Edit: 2015 Jan 27, 01:57:21 by Thorn Of Discord
Hey guys, I apologize for not posting on this site sooner. I've been a bit bogged down. Anyway, Literature! Yay.
I've begun writing a book lately, and I'd like to throw out what I've got so far. I'll take criticism because I:
A)Suck at writing
B)Only have rough drafts
C)Have like, 3 chapters
D)Suck at writing

But, enough of me, onto the book.The good stuff, right?
The Book is titled Hoofbeat, and It follows the wacky, and despair inducing journeys of a lovely pony named Thorn. A tough as butter unicorn, he lives out his days in the dark and spooky Everfree forest, but his life isn't a bed of roses. Actually, it just plain sucks. If everything goes as planned, this will be one hell of a ride that you're sure to love. Plus, I have the oddest writing style known to custard. Truly a break from the routine if that's your cup of tea.

I do have to put this out there: This story, while clean enough for the Pope to wipe his bum with it, it still contains some...older themes of the violent nature. (I hate 'em too, but they really bring out the Character Development, so they stay.)

I've got all that I've written on My DeviantArt page, and I can stay in touch if need be, via Skype, DeviantArt, Smoke Signals, Email, Demon Channeling, whatever floats your boat. So hit me up, or stalk me!

And If I didn't say it earlier, My name is the Thorn Of Discord, and my page is the link below.


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