Am I the only one who's having trouble completing quests?

Started by MidnightLunaRose, 2015 Jan 25, 19:10:16

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im new here and, I find it challenging when completing quests because, I can't find the ponies that I'm suppose to talk to and, sometimes I'm not given a specific location of where they might be. Example, I'm suppose to find some ponies named Cirrus and, Spud but I have no idea where they are. >.<  Since the maps are big with so many buildings it pretty hard especially if your character doesn't have wings to fly with.

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Questing can be a bit of a chore to some degree, yes.  Those characters you mentioned are in Cloudopolis and the apple farm off of Ponydale, repsectively: I only know that because that's where they've been for the past 4 OSW's I've been here for  :P

Quests like that are meant to make you get out and explore the world, but it does help to have some general idea where you're going.  I'm sure once the quest log system gets implemented you'll be able to see "oh this guy's somewhere in Cantermore" and at least give you one map to search instead of five. 


I'm having trouble, but not because I can't find ponies, but because the NPCs won't talk when I click on them.
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Yeah, a couple of quests seem to be bugged, but that just makes it so that they can be fixed. This is pre-Alpha so we can look forward to the non-bugged full game.

Quests are nice and all, but the true beauty is the game itself, I'm loving the experience so much.


I have this glitch when i talk to a pony they say "go to Cirrus" the i talk to Cirrus but he doesn't do anything because i already talk to him but it glitched now i can't complete any guest :(

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We can't always scour every thread for bugs!
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