I still need help! How do I get into the game?

Started by AGpuppy, 2015 Jan 24, 12:23:58

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2015 Jan 24, 12:23:58 Last Edit: 2015 Jan 24, 23:10:29 by AGpuppy
I really hope this isn't a stupid question,  but how do I get into the server? I am incredibly new and I have no idea what I'm doing. Is there a link on site that I missed? Or do I access the game directly through one of the files I downloaded? I am very lost.  >A<

Edit: OK, everything should be downloaded right. I've got the 32-bit windows version (I know it should work, since my Firefox is also 32-bit). I also have the Launcher (finally). What now? I've tried opening both files, but nothing seems to happen.

Edit 2: I deleted everything and started over, doing my best to follow what the LoE wiki said. My operating system is a 64-bit, but I still downloaded the 32-bit version, because 32-bit programs should still work on it, and my computer refused to download the 64-bit version in a timely manner (seriously, the smallest increment of time it said it would take to download, out of the numerous times I tried, was more than six days).

In any case, it's still not working. What do I do?


Just go in the download page and download the one you need. Once done your good to go!
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OK, I had already downloaded but I tried again. I gave a better update in the first post as to what is going on, but long story short it still doesn't seem to be working.


Oh, sorry, I just found this topic, my reply is late, but will be relevant for the next OSW

After downloading the game, you need to find the LoE zipped folder, and then extract the entire folder

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