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Lync Volan

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Protagonist Info: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=13768.0

(if your gonna read this i feel the need to inform you that my grammar is Terrible and these are all one shots)

Lync Volan Equestria Story (Beginning)

One Day I Was Sleeping In A Forest When A Portal Opened Up And Snatched Me Up And Somehow I Was Turned Into A Little Pony (Foal) And Dragged Into A Strange Dimension In This Strange New World I Wanted To Understand I Saw A Orange Filly On That Day Since I Had No Idea Where I Was I Fallowed Her And Ended Up In Some kinda School The Teacher Called Everyone To Sit And Asked Me If I Was "New" I Had No Idea What Was Happening So I Said "Ok "Everypony Laughed At Me Mainly Cause Of My Eyes I Think The Only One That Didn't Laugh Was That Orange Filly At That Time The Teacher Asked Me To Sit Behind The Orange Filly before i went to my sit i whispered to her "Don't You Think My Eyes Look Funny"? She Replyed "Of Course I Do But I Want To Give You A Chance So I'm Looking Past You're Eyes" That Orange Filly Was Brutally Honest With Me...all i could think of during class was "she was the only one nice to me" before i could notice school was over and everypony Was Leaving.Me And The Orange Filly Was The last ones out at the end we ended up at the playground in the front of the school at the time i had no idea how to leave and i did not know anypony so i just sat down on the grass and waited for a better day little did i know that day was "Today" only did i notice after This Blue Filly Smashed Into My Sides "Very Painfully I may Add" i replyed with "What In The World Is Going On!" The Orange And Blue Filly Replyed With "What Do You Mean?" As I Noticed They Have No Idea Of My Problem I Just Sat Down All Bored...The Orange Filly Tugged At My Wing "Which I Had No Idea I Had" She Replyed With "Why Are You Looking So Down In The Dumps" i said "i'm lost and i don't know anypony" she replyed with "well when you're lost you need a few friends to show you the way" i replyed with "whatever do you mean?! Lost Is Lost Right?" The Blue Villy Tagged Me With Her Hoof And Replyed With "Like This! Tag You're It" Somehow I Ended Up Playing Tag With Them And Found out There Names Were "Apple Jack And Rainbow Dash" Of Course They Had To Go Home At The End And Out Of No Where A Portal Snatched Me Up And Took Me Back To My Dimension...

By The Time I Returned To That Other Dimension The Only Friends I Had Were All Grown Up And Forgot About Me! I Became A traveler And An "Unrecognized" Expert Flyer With The Time I Spent In Equestria...i have gained a few scrapes and cuts from my training as a flyer and some of my past actions of being a villain

So In The Present Day I'm Mostly A Loner Who Can Travel Time And Dimensions But Chose To Spend Most Of My Time In Equestria Also I Guess I Gained A Fear Of "Making New Friends" And Losing The Ability To "Trust" Others that makes me seem like some kinda jerk.

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Lync's Equestria Girls:Serving What I Was Missing (Dimensional Connector for each story)

One Day Well I Was Laying Under An Apple Tree Relaxing a group of ponies cheering for the Princesses came crossing the area not noticing me...which lead me to think "what was the big deal its just another princess story" at that moment i looked at the sky well still laying there just to see if today seemed like a good day to get up i shook my head and got up to stretch "Well Then I guess I Will Go See What The Big Deal is!" (i said with a meaningless flare) so i picked one of my cards out of my traveling bag and tossed it on the ground opening a portal as i slowly walked in i ended up under another tree but inside the castle garden of the 2 Princesses when i got out of the portal it closed and i stilled myself thinking "should i even be here i mean the only Royalty i ever stood before was that Sleaze! Hydron" "and i know how well that turned out" (i said annoyed) i walked up to the the castle windows and hit my hoof on the ground out of anger "How Could I Let That Brat Get The Better Of Me Back Then" (I Said Angrily Well Gritting My Teeth) i slowly calmed myself and looked in the window seeing a dark flowing mane from behind a tall chair thinking to myself "that must be one of the "GREAT" Princesses" So i Galloped To The Other Side Of The Garden Where There Was A Little Side Door Leading Towards Some Kinda Party Room there was still streamers and balloons from the last one and most of the food was cleaned out so i grabbed some of the food that was left and put it into a container and stuffed it in my traveling bag as soon as i was done i heard somepony coming over so i quickly zipped under a table that had a very long cover i waited the pony out i really didn't want any trouble today asoon as he left i crawled out to see a quiet Alicorn staring right at the floor i was crawling out of she seemed to be the same one i saw before since her mane was so flowing i only got a seconds look then i used my wings to zip out of the room and hid in some kinda storage room where a fancy mirror stood and out of plain curiosity i stared at it for a minute or 2 "well i should leave now before things get out of hands" (i said calmly) so i pulled out another card from my traveling bag and right as i was about to toss it i took 1 last look at the mirror and felt some kinda aura as if there was something there that i left way back and at that moment as if the wind was speaking to me it breezed by my hoof and blew my card onto the mirror as a portal slowly opened it sucked me right in and closed on the SPOT laying on my back asoon as i flew out of the other end i stared at the sky it seemed bright but it did not seem to hurt "maybe today was not a good day to get up" (i said as i blew my hair out of my eyes) i lifted my hand and noticed i was back in my humanoid form for me it was not too out of the Ordinary since i have been traveling Time And Dimension for years now i slowly pushed myself back up as if getting up would cause me more trouble then doing noting at all well i looked back to the area i was sucked into and saw "Fluttershy" holding papers staring at me i was sure that it was another one of those "Alternate Dimension Selves" i was dealing with so i rubbed the back of my head and grinned as if i meant for this to happen and flipped myself up and walked towards the steps of what appeared to be "A School?" i stared at the street thinking "i should head that way instead of a school" then i stared at the door of the school and saw some kinda light in my eye on the reflection of the glass door it gave me that same feeling i had when looking at the mirror back in Equestria so i opened the door slowly slipped in and walked on the side of the hall so no one will notice me i turned to switch halls but there was a locker door in my way with a leather coat hanging on it so i took a step back but could not see who was on the other side of the locker door until the leather coat was unhooked and the door was closed seeing someone with a Angry But Determined Glare staring right at me she said "Who Are You to Stay beside MY Locker?" (in great disgust to even be talking to me) she pushed me to the side of the locker before i could say anything and she went on her way Shocked at her glare i was not able to catch her name but she reminded me of back when i stood with the "Vexos" (a team of battlers who used "So Called" beast's called bakugan to fight and take over worlds) i grinned and out of wonder of who that girl was i waited outside the class room she entered well sitting on the floor of course so no one would notice me from the class door window during the time i could only think about "how fun it was to be able to do "bad" things During The Vexos Rain" but as i knew it was going to far for me to keep following and maybe if i partnered up with that girl i could cause small trouble in this school instead knowing out of instinct that the class was over i stood up beside the wall with a smug look glancing at the same girl who had that glare she put her hand on my face and told me to stop looking at her i slowly put her hand back to her side and said (calmly) "i can see you have a certain goal and i would like to be apart of that" she just glared at me and said "you can only be part of it if you serve me unconditionally" "well only if i can be your right hand" (i said with great flare of wanting something for once) she took a breath of air and shut her eyes "Fine!" (she said with no ease) My Name Is Lync (i said as if i was grateful) a group on the other side of the hall looking at us were whispering "Sunset Shimmer" "And You Must Be Sunset Shimmer" (I Said) "Well Of Course You Know Who I Am" (sunset Shimmer said with please) "but you will call me Boss" (Sunset said with great demand) I Shrugged As If It Did Not Matter What I Had To Call Her on that day i stood beside her with a smirk and watched as she pushed and did as she wanted where ever she went and i must say i could not remember the last time i was this happy after each day was over i took a nap under the chairs at the Soccer field behind the school and woke up with ease well seeing Rainbow Dash Kick A Few and went straight back to "Sunset Shimmer" for orders Sure i carried her books and followed a seemingly mean person but i was still happier then i was before sadly one night after a month or 2 a portal snatched me up well i was sleeping and dragged me back to Equestria at the Castles Garden (i keep wondering who sends this random portals i never summon) and with much failure tried to open another portal to the same place with my cards i still try once everyday before the Sunsets...

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Arc 1 Serving The Sunset (possible sequel of "Lync's Equestria Girls:Serving What I Was Missing") (Dimension 1)

story starts off just like every other sunset with me trying to open a portal to that place where i met Sunset Shimmer....but yet again i have failed and after several months of trial and failure it started to really get to me so out of sheer anger i threw down all my cards to the grassy floor where i was standing letting them all scatter from the pack and started to stomp them out and rub my hoove on 1 card at a time and on that very moment i saw a little light from under one of the cards so i shoved it out of the way suddenly the light i saw vanished and all i saw was a symbol...which strangely reminded me of the one Sunset Shimmer had on her shirt
SUDDENLY i had a reflex to lift my head away from the symbol and just then a very tiny beam of light started to stick into the darkened sky but it was too thin for anypony not close by to see
i scooped up my cards and put them back in the pack and put em back in my boot then at that moment i stared up at the sky looking at the light and how far it reached but after a long travel within my mind i just decided to fly up and open a portal to the exact spot the light stopped but to add to my shocking experience list the portal was not the same as all the ones i have opened thus far no but instead this one had faded hands and a seemingly fanged mouth i was gonna fly away but i was so curious who wanted me to go so badly i ended up closing my eyes and just letting the arms grab me and drag me into the portal
i ended up passed out in a dark room and when i finally came too i found myself covered in mops and shelves...i guessed i crashed in?
i slowly opened the door to see somepony laying on a bunch of pillows and i noticed her Cutie Mark was the same exact symbol Sunset Shimmer had on her shirt and the one i saw in the grass back in the main Equestria dimension...but something was not right? like a sad aura filled the room? so i stayed still and quiet when suddenly the aura around the room seemed to have changed into something more vengeful but i reacted out of Reflex and jumped out of hiding and stepped right in front of the pony and the aura of the room changed into "shock" and at that moment i knew for sure it was Sunset Shimmer!
she also seemed to have known me in this dimension but not in the same way i did?
i mainly had that in mind cause of the way she looked at me at that very moment Sunset Shimmer stood up and glared at me which still gave me that shocking but great feeling it did back in the Human Equstria Dimension that i still can't get to...
she just kept glaring but just about when she was gonna say something i opened my mouth and said "my names Lync Volan and your Sunset Shimmer Right?"
she stopped glaring and looked down at her hoof
then replied "yes i am"
and i still had the same feelings i did when i was back with Sunset Shimmer in the Equestria human world
so i bowed and looked up "princess how may i help you today?" i said
she replied with Great Shock "P-prince-s-s?!" as she stepped back alittle keeping one of her hooves on the pillows that were on the floor
so i tried to calm her down by putting my hoof on top of her shoulder but instead ended up slowly putting her down on the pillows and sat beside the pillows cause i was not sure what else to do...there was an awkward silence until somepony opened the door and said "FireWorks! FireWorks!" i simply got up and offered to help Sunset Shimmer up by extending my hoof and saying "Sunset Shimmer may i help you"
i made sure not to say "Princess" cause i didn't want to shock her again
she took my hoof and slowly got back on all fours as i escorted her outside where there was many ponies some i recognized from the other dimension and some i didn't but the lay out of the area looked the same from the several months i stayed in Equestria i nearly knew every good spot in the area so i offered to show Sunset Shimmer by shoving very gently against her mane
"Sunset Shimmer there is a nicer view then this that i would like to show you" i said kinda nervously since hardly anypony trusts me let alone talks to me
she seemed alittle shocked but after a few seconds said "Alright Lync Show Me"
we had a very slow walk across the area avoiding the crowd of ponies and going under some trees into a bigger field with a shimmering pond that the fireworks reflected off of
Sunset Shimmer sat close to the pond as i stood beside a tree watching her adore the fireworks
all i was thinking was "this simple things make me happy" & "i think i should stay here for awhile"
after afew hours she turned around and looked like she was about to say something i was scared at the moment cause i thought this will end up as another good bye and forget thing like all my friendships turned out so i zipped in front of her and pushed my hoofs up to lift my head and nuzzled against her nose as i asked "can i stay here and serve you Sunset Shimmer?! Please?!"
i smiled instead of letting a tear out cause of my childish fears...
she smiled back but i could not see since we both had our eyes closed
and right then she replied "sure you can Lync..."
in the end we stared at the fireworks side by side for a while and so the story ends until next time.

(little Explanation Section:i was able to stay there but i did "Not" live in the same house as Sunset Shimmer and my use of the words "Equestria human world/dimension" refers to my Eg Story)

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Arc 3 Ruler In Flourishing Flames (Dimension 3)

This Arc Skips Over Arc 2 and is not connected to Arc 1 its an alternate dimension lashing past the leaving of "Lync's Equestria Girls:Serving What I Was Missing" so in this alternate dimension i do not get dragged back to Equestria and the story continues on to the point where Sunset Shimmer goes to Equestria to get Twilights Crown...

its the middle of the day and everyone is in the hall at the moment well i stayed in a corner waiting. "Lync get over here!" Sunset Shimmer called from across the hall by the staircase doors i noticed that automatically from memorizing her voice to a pinch and hurried over unnoticed. "Boss what is it?" i said curiously moving into the stairwell and shutting the door
one of my cards fell from my pocket and beside Sunset Shimmer Sitting on the steps
she picked up the card with 2 fingers and held it elegantly."we are going after the crown" sunset shimmer said with confidence in her eyes. "its been several months already why all of a sudden?" i said cause it seemed like too much trouble for some "Crown"
"Are You Questioning Me?!" Sunset Shimmer said recalling she told me never to do that last month
"no not at all you know i'll do anything you ask of me" i said closing my eyes and putting my hand on my chest with my head down.
Sunset Shimmer looked into the card for a minute or 2 with complete silence well clouds started to cover the sun light left in the stairwell...
just as the light was fading Sunset Shimmer tossed the card back to me and i stuffed it back in my pocket
"Boss-" i said well i was stopped short after Sunset Shimmer got up and put her arm around my neck...
"Were Going To Rule This Pathetic World And With Your Help Its Guaranteed" Sunset Shimmer said very pleased with her accomplishments staring out the darkened window.
at the moment i kept in mind the months that have passed flashing back towards the many times Sunset Shimmer told me hardly anything about her further plans and that one time we bumped into Snips And Snails...
recalling the exact words i bluntly told them when they asked to serve Sunset Shimmer "She Does not Need Your Help Boss Merely Has To Ask Me And I Shall Get It Done!" and that look of surprise Sunset Shimmer gave after my uncalled for spoken words Snips and snails simply limped away in rejection and i knelt to Sunset Shimmer for the 1st time...getting called back to the moment i faze back to the present and see myself staring out the darkened window with Sunset Shimmer waving her hand in my face
"oh it seems like i was airheaded for a second there" i said awkwardly rubbing the back of my head
"well just make sure your ready to do your part tomorrow morning" she said about to open the stairwell door
i skipped steps at the very top of the stairs and knelt down "i Shall Do More Then My Part! I'll Even Take The Crown Myself And Bring It To You Princess!"
"Princess?" Sunset Shimmer Replied with question letting go of the door handle.
i stood up and said "uhhh i meant! Boss-" yet again being stopped short after noticing Sunset Shimmer was sitting down at the steps again..."Boss-" i said again lowering myself to the bottom steps where Sunset Shimmer was. seeing that her eyes were closed
Sunset Shimmer Replied Calmly "its ok you can call me your Princess little Peasant".
shortly after i took alittle gasp of air quietly and said "Thank You Princess!"
Sunset Shimmer shortly after got up and walked out the Stairwell leaving me in the darkness of my solitude.
i spoke 1 sentence to myself and kept replaying it in my mind "i shall be devoted i shall make her greatest whims Appear Before Her"
shortly after the darkness of the stairwell got to me i walked out and bumped into Rainbow Dash making both of us move back instead of the usual fall back thing. staring into my emotion lacking eyes it seemed she could tell i was up to something but she ignored it for the moment and walked past me.
i hardly get any sort of replies from the other students they normally want noting to do with me but its pretty much expected since no one could understand why i Serve Sunset Shimmer given hardly anyone wanted anything to do with me before then...
the school bells rung and it seemed to be time to leave but instead of sleeping under the benches in the schools field i took a walk out which i hardly did counting back this several months i only left school grounds 3 times this being my 3rd given i had all i needed to live on like food and water. which i rarely stole from school lunches given i was not officially a "student" or random food packs Sunset Shimmer left for me under the field benches when i woke up.
"..." you could hear my own silence as i walked nearing a small Overhead bridge stopping in my tracks and stood beside it with one hand on the wall staring at a lake where there were ducks and birds. the area called for an always cool breeze type of place with the leaves in the area blowing in the wind.
closing my eyes letting the breeze do its magic i slowly walked over to the lake and sat down on the grass covering myself in my old green cape i used to always wear when i was back with the Vexos you could notice how torn it was but at the moment i had very limited items so it would have to suffice. pulling my legs up and putting my head on my knees it was a nice place to wait for the next day dozing off here and there till it was morning again when suddenly a baby Duck started roaming around me so i kinda woke up in shock but i still got up and hurried back to the schools statue quickly stopping when seeing that Sunset Shimmer was already standing in front of the unopened portal. keep in mind this was really early in the morning so no one else was there
i slowly walked towards her and she took out one of those packed sandwiches you could mostly get at a gas stop. Sunset Shimmer tossed it at me without a word and i Caught it from the air. "Thank You My Princess" i said closing my eyes and putting my head down. Sunset Shimmer looked back at the closed portal well i was eating the packed Sandwich... after a rushed but grateful breakfast Sunset Shimmer walked up to me right when i finished the 2nd sandwich and she seemed to have some kinda satchel with her pulling a dark cloak from it and putting it around my neck at that moment i noticed i left my torn cape at the lake! but it did not matter that much anymore since i just got a Cloak with great sentimental value as of now
She then posed herself beside me putting on her own cloak."you better be ready Lync" Sunset Shimmer said eagerly
i replied with ease saying "yes i'm ready" pumping my shoulders forward to get stretched.
Sunset Shimmer pulled a card out of my sleeve knowing after several months that i keep one there for emergency purposes and flicked it to the closed portal area of the statue i immediately stuck my finger on the card to keep it in place as a pink aura started to surround the statue caused by being forced open by the cards. knowing that the portal is now open until used we ran in and ended up in a closet filled with boxes and a mirror that stood out above all else we both knew what to expect given we both been here and its the place i went before meeting Sunset Shimmer we also ended up back in our pony forms. it was to bad we had no time to look around since we stormed out the closet and sneaked around the darkness of the castle were we constantly opened doors when finally we saw the "Crown" sitting upon a bed where a Purple pony was sleeping...having a bad feeling i went into the room first and Sunset Shimmer stood by the door. using my wings to grab the crown i slowly tried to move towards the door where i seemed to have knocked into some kinda tail not falling but dropping the crown which made a noise that quickly woke up the sleeping pony. noticing this i quickly tossed my cloak off and covered the Purple Pony and swiftly grabbed the crown with my mouth and Galloped out of the room along side Sunset Shimmer
she grabbed the crown with her magic well we ran and i slipped a card out of my boot using my wings. somehow this black green buckled boots always show up when i enter any type of Equestria Dimension. opening a quick portal out of the dimension which transformed us back to humanoid forms and made us fall a short distance from the air beside the schools statue. wondering if we ended up at the exact right place
i saw some little pink faded lights covering the statue knowing thats the exact portal we used and its about to close completely. after noticing that i quickly got up and pulled Sunset Shimmer back up. the pink lights faded completely and it seems we have been Successful...i put my head down thinking about the cloak i gave up to complete the mission.
Sunset Shimmer held the crown with one finger dangling it from her side looking at me
she took off her cloak and tossed it on me and at that very moment she put the crown on and transformed into this Magnificent Creature.
i fit the cloak on properly and lifted the hood to look at her. my eyes started to tear up with happiness but not a Single tear fell.
Sunset Shimmer put her claws on top of my shoulder and said "will you still serve by my side willingly?"
"Yes I Will My Princess..." i replied calmly and surely.
"I'm completely devoted to you" i mentioned short after as Sunset Shimmer Stood Tall Beside Me.
a greenish black glow flowing from the crown smoothed over her arm and onto my shoulder where Her claws were at. the area was covered in grey clouds and a breeze gathered up. it was so dark you could only see my shadow. seeing Sunset Shimmers Glow Was Enough For Me To Serve Forever As It Got Darker you could still see Sunset Shimmer but i faded into the darkness beside her as one of my eyes started to be more lighted. we both stared at "Canterlot High School". I imaged flames around it and many students kneeling towards Sunset Shimmer. but only she knows what Sunset Shimmer Herself was Imaging with great passion in her eyes.
we both knew it was time for "Princess Sunset Shimmer" to take over this world and laughed feeling accomplished...   

(Explanations:Sunset Shimmer gave me packed food after i started panting from hunger,time has been moved faster Sunset Shimmer Prepared Faster then the original Set Up in the Eg Movie given i was serving her instead of Snips & Snails,reminder that since things moved much faster the regular portal is not open at the time,Twilight does not see who stole her crown this time so she can't follow us,Sunset Shimmer keeps my traveling bag in her locker since i don't have my own,the portals my cards open can only be used once and can only transport 2 or 3 others)

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