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Started by AnthroYuu, 2015 Jan 14, 07:50:31

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2015 Jan 14, 07:50:31 Last Edit: 2016 Jul 23, 01:36:18 by AnthroYuu
Hello, everyone.  Welcome to my alley of artistry.  I have been drawing for about as long as I could remember, and specifically started drawing MLP around late 2011 or early 2012.  I do both digital and traditional art, which you will find both here (not organized by each, as they could end up being heavily uneven).  I have roughly 800-1,000 coloured pencils and artistic pencils that I use for traditional art, and I do all my digital art on GIMP 2.6.10 with my VisTablet PenPad. 

If you care to give constructive criticism, critique, or just generally comment on my works, feel free to do so.  I only advise that you do not post negative/hate comments.  They won't get anyone anywhere.  I will read through each post made here, so don't be afraid that I won't catch yours.  Please note that this does not mean you have to make a post.  Only do so if you truly want to give a critique, constructive criticism, or comment.  All that aside, here's what I have out so far (which I will be updating each time I make a new piece):

Spoiler: Yuu - Traditional Art • show

Spoiler: Yuu - Digital Remaster • show

Spoiler: Yuu - Digital Art • show

Spoiler: Sad Rice Ball • show

Spoiler: Cataren • show

Spoiler: Yuu Fengo • show

Spoiler: May 13th • show

Yeah... I've done a couple pictures.

Spoiler: May 28th • show

I've been doing a lot of photography recently, but you'll need to go to my DeviantArt for that.

Spoiler: Year Long Absence - Highlights • show

Please know that I will not post photography or literature in this thread for obvious reasons.

I do my best to upload one image a day on my Deviantart, which can be found Here.  I also have an ask blog on Tumblr for my ponysona, where I also put images as replies to the questions asked.  If you want to see those, go Here.

Neon Strike

I LOVE them, especially the traditional one that one's my favorite!!!


Oops, guess I forgot about this.  Well, I updated it with something I did, like, last month lol



Updated again.  This is the first update in months, so... sorry about that ; w;

I'll be trying to draw more often.


Another update for a sneak peek image.  I haven't uploaded it to my dA yet, and won't be doing so until tomorrow.




Hey guys!  I know it's been a whole year since I've posted anything in here, and I apologize for that. ; w;  As such, I have added highlights of images made over the past year!  I'll also try to get back into the habit of drawing fairly frequently as well.

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