The Pusheen Empire Rises

Started by FruffyWuffy, 2015 Jan 01, 18:55:50

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2015 Jan 01, 18:55:50 Last Edit: 2015 Jan 03, 01:33:19 by FruffyWuffy
Have you heard of pusheen cat? If you haven't, this is what she looks like -

Spoiler: show

Pusheen cat knows the true ways of a decent life, which is why in I am recruiting members... to the pusheen empire!
There are multiple ways to pledge your alliance to our empire..

1. You can set your signature to a Pusheen picture or gif.
2. You can simply write in your signature The pusheen empire rises...
3. You can change your profile picture to a Pusheen pic/gif
4. You can ignore all of the above, and just join without worry! :D

All of these options are optional, to really join all you have to do is say "I join the Pusheen empire!" and continue on your way. They're just ways to show you are a member.
Please note this is also just for fun, I just put it together because of my extreme love for cats.   X3

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