How hard would it be to get your Cutie Mark?

Started by Chrisgotjar, 2014 Dec 16, 16:11:57

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This was quite an interesting topic that I found on another forum that created quite an interesting discussion, so I'll ask it here.

We all know that the CMC are searching for their own special talents but if you were somehow zapped into the pony world do you know what kind of Cutie Mark you'd have? How difficult would it be to find your talent if you popped in as a blank flank?

For me, I'm not quite sure what I'd have. I think I'd probably be a blank flank. Im still not sure what I want to do in my future yet. If I had to have a CM my guess is it would be something along the lines of art or storytelling since those are what I'm currently focusing on.

How about you?
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I don't even know what my special talent is in the real world, so I imagine finding that something in the pony world wouldn't be any easier.

If anything it'd probably be even more difficult because all of my 25 years of life has been completely invested in fictional, visual media. Television, the internet, that kind of thing.

The closest Pony world has to that kind of thing is books, or arcade games ("button mash") or comic books.

I'm also okay at drawing, but I've always been pretty sub-par at that :c

Maybe I'll get a cutie mark in mediocrity lol

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Maybe we'd find it hard to draw as a pegasus or so, maybe our talents in pony world and human world would be really different.
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with my ponysona having the yin and yang symbol for his CM it would be very difficult to discover that determining if a pony is good or bad as my special talent
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i honestly have no idea so i think it would be near to impossible :l
but i would not let it "get to me" i'll just enjoy myself and if i get it then i shall focus on whatever subject i get for a Cutie Mark


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Welp. Here are my two bits on a subject I an im no way qualified to chime in on. *Puts on smart people glasses*

  Ponies are inherently magical creatures in a magical land of MAGIC. The very being of the cutie mark is born from that magic. Its like manifest destiny. The guiding hoof nudging them onto their special bruhaha. And as we've all seen on the episode where the cutie marks of 5 main characters were switched. The marks are very VERY!!! compelling to the point of changing lifestyle and goals literally overnight. SOO MUCH MAGICS!!!

   Where ponies are bound by a kind manifest destiny edging them towards what they're good at we as non-magical non-ponies with our oily skin and dull hair color pallets have a "fate is what you make" thing going on here we can totally choose something and define ourselves by it but then switch things up over a given period of time without being messed up.

   If you were to instantly become a pony from being a non-magical creature one of three things could happen.
1: You are already so super and special and everything loves you and fate is kind and the magics invade your body and just unlock everything you're inclined to do.
2: The magics unlocks a latent ability in yourself and you must discover what your thing is before you get your mark. Things will just be belated too you since you've got a late start
3: You were a non magical thing thrown into a world of magic in a magical body that your mind may not fully be compatible with. you have a 20% chance of option 1 or 2 happening too you and may wind up with one seriously messed up mark looking like a classics artist went ham on your flank. Congratulations your new messed up mark now compels you to new heights of "oh gawd what derp derp derp" and you become the first of the new derpy master race.

Then again you could just as easily get thrown into a black hole if we're breaking down reality and crossing into different dimensions here.


My guess is it would be something art or creativity related.

I do some writing and draw occasionally although real life tends to get in the way. I found myself in Equestria I could probably get a bit more into creating stuff and find my talent in there.

There could also be some talent in magic since I also do programming and casting spells is probably the closest they would have to that.


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not even try :P

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