Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Started by Book Smarts, 2013 Apr 26, 12:32:13

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Quote from: cloudwilk on 2014 Nov 29, 20:34:15
They taste the same.

I have drinked both and I beg to differ. I even mixed them up together one time and tested the strongness of Pepsi and the smoothness of Coke.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I prefer Coke. Unlike Pepsi whenever I drink it; it doesn't make my eyes water.

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Vanilla Coca-Cola. I once had an entire 5 days alone in my quaint little summer house in New Hampshire and I had the ultimate party plan involving Vanilla Coke I bought myself. But right before everyone else left for the 5 days, everyone drinks my Coke! I was so infuriated with all of them and they just left!  >:O

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Quote from: LaptopBrony on 2014 Dec 12, 16:29:34
Quote from: ComputerDeathglare on 2014 Dec 12, 14:30:38
Jones soda. :s

I LOVE Jones soda!  Sugary sweet goodness!

Yaaas! *-*

Only problem is, it's a bit expensive for a soda. ono

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