Katt's Singing Demos For Her Actual Business

Started by Kitty Vee, 2014 Nov 29, 19:43:07

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Kitty Vee


Yup, finally got it up and going after so long. :3 I think they sound good enough for my business, but I hope for a bit of feedback maybe? My official job is a professional singer (wedding and funeral at the moment) and occasionally ordained minister. Weird, yes? lol
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Wow. You got some pipes, girl.  ^-^

And that's definitely NOT biased because of the song choices. Though I do love knowing I'm not the only one in the fandom who appreciates the classics, as well as more contemporary things.  ;) I MAY have been singing along to a few of them.  X3

But yeah. That was AWESOME
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Kitty Vee

 :') Tis much appreciated! I guess I never really lost the theatrical streak in myself even after high school so I enjoy the musical numbers and the classicals.  ^-^
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You have a beautiful voice, this is so soothing...
You don't understand how happy I became when I heard a little piece of "For a thousand years" in there. Keep up the amazing work! ;)
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Kitty Vee

 *-* Thank you! Yeah, a couple wants me to sing A Thousand Years for their first dance at their wedding in Florida.  :3
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My goodness this is good!

I'd have been singing along to Amazing Grace, Jar of Hearts and Angel of Music (Huzzah for Phantom!) if I wasn't currently sick...  X3
Darnit sickness!  Why must you take my voice from me!?  :C
I hope you get regular business!  You're pretty darn amazing.

Little Star

In there, I heard 1000 Years - Christina Perri, and now I'm totally gonna cover it.

Your voice! *swoons*

Kitty Vee

 :3 Thank you all for the support. Soon I hope to be getting my website up and making 150 copies of this demo to pass out to local businesses.  :I That'll be fun.
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