Equestria Girls Mirror Portal WIP

Started by TheDudeness24, 2014 Nov 18, 15:27:08

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2014 Nov 18, 15:27:08 Last Edit: 2014 Nov 18, 20:22:33 by TheDudeness24
Hey Everypony!

I wanted to work on something a bit more fun and thought why not this? so i thought id share progress etc with your fine people.

What do you guys think so far?


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Added the top bit and remade all the side bits so they look much smoother., next is the Low Poly.



Hopefully I could be able to make stuff like this in the future.  :3


Its all just practice! :) more you do it the better you'll get, i still have a lot to learn myself.

Quick Update, wanted to do the entire room after thinking about it. so heres a quick layout of walls etc.

What do you think?



2014 Nov 22, 19:29:51 #3 Last Edit: 2014 Nov 23, 18:22:02 by TheDudeness24
More progress, working on the Low Poly mesh, done the mirror and base so far. totaling 1254 polys as of this moment.

The shadows are a bit strong, but ill fix the Ambient Occlusion in the texturing phase.


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And heres a first pass at the textures, need more work but getting there, i attached my reference image aswell.

so what do you guys think?



Wow, amazing! Someone better hire you soon.

<3 <3 <3


I'm pretty dang impressed by this. What program are you currently using for this? It just so happens I have a project where I need a version of the Equestria Girls Mirror and was wondering if we could work something out. (That's assuming the program you're using will work at all with what we're doing.)

Let me know! You've definitely got the best 3D model of the mirror I've found!


Thanks for the kind words all.

And Novelldea - Im using 3ds Max for make the model, but will be able to export it to a large amount of different formats. PM me the details etc, and we can work something out.

Sorry for the late reply, been away and busy for a bit.

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