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Started by Dark Hooves, 2014 Nov 13, 21:31:04

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Dark Hooves

2014 Nov 13, 21:31:04 Last Edit: 2014 Nov 15, 16:42:37 by Dark Hooves
basically you build something out of legos using your imagination, this is directed towards the younger users on LoE, but all ages are welcome to participate

i will be one of the impartial judges, if the agree to judge, maybe ryo d disk and laptop brony will be the other 2 judges

we will give scores between 1-10 the combined scores is your total score

the contest will last a week starting next thursday Nov. 20th, to give you time to build something, we are looking for complex creations

here are a couple creations from yours truly

AAGR-X Dominator, exo-atmospheric fighter, engine: furion core powered thrusters with super thruster ability and hyper jump capability

Spoiler: show

XSF-120 Super Raven, exo-atmospheric fighter, engine: twin hyper drives with hyper jump capability

Spoiler: show

please don't have images with your face in them

i almost forgot, the winning creator will get a hand drawn drawing of one of their OCs, the winner can PM me the OC of their's they want drawn

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ryo and LTB declined, i will find 2 others, no worries  ^-^

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okay everything is go for the contest, it starts Nov. 20th, please lets us know if you are participating or not

judges are:

Dark Hooves


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