The last video game boss you've defeated is now in Ponyville. (Reactivated)

Started by Sunshine Smash, 2014 Nov 04, 20:58:18

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The 13th Chaos lord, Corrupted King Alteon. From AQW (Adventure quests worlds, The 13th lords of CHAOS)

took me 46 tries to beat him.

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the giant grub-looking thing from legend of zelda; the twilight princess
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Anankos from fire emblem fates revelations.

Well....perhaps you could try the elements of harmony on him to weaken him....well if any super strong character or creatures gets possessed simutaniously theres going to be problems
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This Guy isn't easy to beat for people who have never tried the geno route before.

But i beat him in my 3rd try! i'm a terrible. . . Terrible person.


We all are lost Stars, But i seem to have Found you in the Galaxy


Uh Oh The Darkness Is Back From Skylanders Superchargers.Theres No Way Im Gonna Defeat Him Again. Your On Your Own Equestria
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I was playing Knights of Pen and Paper 2.

So...a GM in a mecha suit that can summon random encounters, I guess?
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