The last video game boss you've defeated is now in Ponyville. (Reactivated)

Started by Sunshine Smash, 2014 Nov 04, 20:58:18

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Sunshine Smash

As it says on the subject.

Elizabeth Greene (Hard Mode+). (Prototype)

Spoiler: show

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Ponyvile.

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"How do you do this fine day good sir?"



Spoiler: show

Ran from Elsword is now rampaging, and will only be stopped by pones levelled 57 to 70

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The Uber Ethereal from XCOM: Enemy Unknown... (prepare for a population decrease D:)
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I'm just going to say the last monster I've faced so...

Pyramid Head. Yep. Defeated it for a friend after they gave me the controller towards the end of the fight.

If not that, then...

Big Tiger, from Wonderland Online. I think Ponyville would prefer the Big Tiger...


well the last boss i defeated i can't post the image here because of the rules,it was from The Evil Within, certain long haired thing....yeah that one.

so the previous boss i defeated before that one is Medusa from Castelvania Lord of shadows 2

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The undead core from cave story......can you say discords idea?
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure Discord's also responsible for bringing the Lord Warrior of Ur Draxa and his pet Tarrasque here from Athas. Either that or my Headcanon's acting up.

(For clarification, my headcanon is that the world FiM takes place in is the world formerly known as Athas, only having been given a second chance after all the everything died out.)


Ponyville is doomed...
"A wild Rayquaza appeared!"
"Oh god, how the hell is it level 375!?!???!???"
"Huh, pixelmon logic with bosses."
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Last boss I defeated was Bruno from the Elite Four in Pokemon Leafgreen...
He's not really dangerous.
I mean my Venusaur "Fainted" his pokemon with a single Vine Whip.
So yeah...

Bad Perry, bad.


Gandhi from Civilization 5.... and he got the Manehatten Project!!!!! ovO
Wherever you go, You're always there.

Lync Volan


Deoxys in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.
My favorite legendary, yet the only one I haven't caught in a mainstream game.
Let's hope Equestria can defend against meteors.
A self-proclaimed "jack-of-all-media-types". I tend to say "freaking" a lot.<br />My OCs:


(Not really a boss, since they're my event pokes, but would count as one.)
Oh god... now ponyville, cloudsale, and the whole of equestria are doomed!
Youngling sent out Girantina, Girantina and Girantina! (All Lvl. 100 and Shinies)
0_0 *Everypony* We're screwed...
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Deoxys isn't an event in this; you fight it in the post-game.
A self-proclaimed "jack-of-all-media-types". I tend to say "freaking" a lot.<br />My OCs:

Sunshine Smash

Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough (I beat Ornstein last)

Spoiler: show

Ornstein was a dragonslayer. I don't think he'll be going down easy.
I have nothing to say about Smough. By himself, he's actually kind of easy, Ornstein just stops me from hitting him.....

Deep inside..... We're kindred spirits...... You..... And I......


I think that ponies will not be scared of it for the first second, but then everything will be dead.
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'Hugo, boss' boss from Serious Sam, I chose this boss because of the joke, its been like 6 years since though.
Don't worry its an easy boss

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