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Started by Etherdrone, 2014 Nov 03, 18:08:01

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'Tis a place, this is! One of which you can discuss my ongoing tale with me or others! The story's still underway, of course, but it's designed so you can pick up and read whatever chapter you want from whatever point in time you way, so... that's that, I suppose?

Due to the nature of the story, I would also love to hear a suggestion of a monster and a problem Sunset Shimmer might have to interact with! The possibilities are just endless!

Here's the link to the story itself.



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So, I don't have any pre-readers. Anyone's bored enough to read the newest chapter when I'm done with it, just to see if it holds up?

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Just an FYI: I'll take a whole week off because of a panel I'll be attending in another city, so I won't be able to update Convocation By Need this week.

Just letting you all know!


I'm back from my voyage, if you want to call it that. Lots of pain in my knees for standing up for too long, but that's unrelated to my writing powers, so who cares?

I'll update the fic this week, nerds! See you when you start to care enough to talk to me about it!  ^-^

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