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Name: Blazing Legend (Blaze for short)
Gender: Male
Race: Earth Pony
Age: Stallion
Occupation: Currently enrolled at Canterlot University. Though he has been doing freelance cartography whenever he can.
Home: A small building in Canterlot he also uses as a studio for his Cartography.
Cutie Mark: A Map being drawn by a phoenix feather quill.
Meaning: With a map being drawn with a destination but no point of departure, this mark indicates not only Blaze's uncanny skills in both cartography and trailblazing. But also how Blaze always knows where he's going, even if he's not sure of where he began or even is.
Personality:Blaze defines his self-worth by his accomplishments, making a failure very impactful. This stems from his father who is very accomplished and well loved by his community, leaving Blaze very large shoes to fill. Blaze seeks to establish himself through his perception of his role in life as 'The Pony who mapped Equestria'. And while he is undoubtedly the most qualified pony for this role, Blaze isn't free from his insecurities. Blaze is scared of relationships, and will do anything to avoid one. This trait comes from Blazes intense wanderlust. Even Blazes 'earth-sense' creates an insecurity as he is scared of losing it, and of being lost in it. Without this power he would be helpless in obtaining his goal and would fall into obscurity. Blazes final insecurity is also his most secret. Blaze is scared of the consequences of his goal, and dreads its completion. For if Blaze does complete the map, who else would need to explore their beautiful country, and who would go after that which can no longer be forgotten. But if it was completed and released, every blank spot would be filled and every natural wonder enjoyed by those who seemed their splendors. This moral quandary has almost driven Blaze mad as he spends sleepless nights arguing the same points on both sides, yet being unable to come to a conclusion. Nevertheless Blaze strives for the greatness he craves, upholding his father's morality in the face of evil and wrong.
Abilities: Armed with an ancient Earth-Pony birthright, Blaze sees the world like nopony else. With the ability to perceive the landscape around him in three-dimensions as well as the ability to remember these observations in vivid detail, Blaze has become a living, self-editing atlas.
       Blazing Legend originates from a small agricultural settlement just beyond the south-eastern tree line of the Everfree Forest. His father was an important and well-respected member of the community due to his role as the primary gatherer. He was responsible for collecting firewood, gathering berries and herbs, as well as selecting the trees that would be cut down to be used for construction. He wasn't home very often and would often disappear for days at a time into the Everfree to gather rare and far-away herbs to help the sickly. As Blaze grew older, his father started taking him into the Everfree to teach him about gathering, though he never allowed Blaze to go into the woods after dark.
   As time went on, Blaze soon found he had a knack for navigating through the woods. He could remember all of the landmarks and their relations to each other, and even stopped using the crude map that the settlement had been using for decades, due to its abundant inaccuracies. Blaze's knowledge of the Everfree became abundant, even in his youth, and was rivaled only by his father's.
   The years past and Blaze grew tall and strong. Now approaching his thirteenth birthday, Blaze was worried for his father. He had left almost a week ago on a trip that should have only taken him four or five days, and he still hadn't returned. Blaze spoke to his mother about going into the forest after his father, but she wouldn't have it. In her mind, Blaze's father was gone and she wasn't about to lose her son to the Everfree as well. Now forbidden from entering the forest, Blaze went to bed stricken with sorrow.
   In his sleep, Blaze was assaulted with nightmares of his father shouting for help. Awaking just after midnight covered in sweat, Blaze could no longer stay idle. Carefully, as to not awaken his mother, Blaze crept from his house and dashed full-speed into the Everfree forest. Even in the dark, Blaze expertly navigated the trails that he and his father used. But he soon realized that his father wasn't in the standard gathering grounds, but was in the deep-woods.
   Blaze stood for what seemed like hours at where the lighter and relatively safe woods met the true Everfree forest, a place of danger and madness. Never before had Blaze even wondered what lied beyond the boundaries his father had made so clear. But now wasn't a time for doubt, but for action. So with a deep breath and a heavy heart, Blaze slowly but surely stepped into the Everfree forest.
   Blaze did not trot through the Everfree, but instead moved with a freighted gallop, calling out to his father in the hope for a response. Terrified for every sound spent within the woods, Blaze dashed back and forth, completely losing track of where he was. His commotion came to a swift close though, as he ran straight into a tree, knocking him out cold.
   Gaining consciousness sometime around the sunrise, Blaze rose uneasily from the clump he had formed on the forest floor. He winced as every movement was met with pain, and his mind was clouded with a migraine. Eventually getting to his hooves, Blaze slowly began the hopeless search for his father anew.
   Blaze's muscles eventually stopped hurting, but his headache kept persisting. In desperate need for rest, Blaze laid down on a relatively flat rock and started thinking about his situation. Deeming his venture to be hopeless, Blaze started plotting a route back to the paths by piecing together landmarks and estimated distances. By the time he was finished, Blaze realized that he was remembering his route in stunning detail. But this phenomenon would have to wait, as Blaze was still in the middle of the Everfree forest and it was only a matter of time before some monster found him.
   Confidant with his makeshift map, Blaze bore his heavy heart and made his way back to the trails. Taking alternate routes and shortcuts he had no right to know, Blaze made it back in impeccable time. No longer able to ignore this newfound knowledge, Blaze pounders on the path he took, pushing past the pain of his headache and the doubts of his mind. Awestruck by the extreme detail of his memory, Blaze opens his eyes to see a glimpse of the world around him in a way he had never seen it before. If only for a second, Blaze saw the land around him in three dimensions and every hill, nook, and cranny revealed themselves to him.
   Wanting to learn more about this now undeniable phenomenon, Blaze once again thought of his path, the landmarks, and then the world itself. And before he could even managed to open his eyes, his spatial awareness kicked in and flooded his mind with images and shapes that he had no hope of deciphering. Buckling under the pain of a sensory overload, Blaze overcame the pain and stood firm once more. For Blaze knew that armed with such knowledge he had a chance of finding his father, and that's a chance he had to take. His headache dwindling, and his doubts resolved, Blaze once more concentrated with newfound resolve. Once again flooded with information, Blaze holds onto his focus and emerges victorious. Now able to maintain his new spatial sense, Blaze sets off once more on his quest to find his father.
   Now armed with knowledge that new no equal, Blaze was able to more effectively navigate the Everfree and eventually found a large ravine with an unusual formation at the bottom. Realizing that the formation was rubble, Blaze decided to check the ravine for any sign of his father. Finding a natural staircase, Blaze made his way down the side of the ravine with relative ease. Approaching the pile of rubble, Blaze heard a hoarse call for help. Rushing to the call, Blaze found his father pinned by a large rock on his rear legs.
   Upon realizing what his son had done, Blaze's father scorned him on the foolishness of his actions and told him that he shouldn't come after him, let alone on his own. His father's words cut Blaze like a knife, but he wasn't going to be discouraged, not now. For Blaze knew that he hadn't gone looking for his father then nopony would have.
It took several minutes for Blaze to free his father, and several more for Blaze to get his crippled father onto his back so he could carry him. But before they could make their way back to the village, Blaze's father instructed him to collect the rare herb that he had come into the forest to retrieve to begin with, along with his satchel that contained various other herbs and spices found only in the deepest reaches of the Everfree forest.
Once on their way to the village, Blaze spared no time as he relentlessly made his way out of the deadly forest and back to his home, which he so desperately wanted to return to. Without any chance of becoming lost, Blaze made it out of the forest in record time, even with his Father's broken body slowing him down.
Returning to his beloved home once more, Blaze walked in on his grieving mother who took him and his father for dead. Relieved by their return, her tears of sorrow were replaced by tears of joy.  Together, Blaze and his mother laid his father down on his bed and Blaze was sent to fetch the settlements physician, who set the broken bones and treat the multiple flesh wounds both Blaze and his Father had acquired.
In the years to come, Blaze went on to re-map the region of the Everfree that his village used as gathering-grounds. And when it came time for Blaze to leave his home and make a life for himself, he set his sights on Canterlot University, where he hoped to get his diploma in Geography and Cartography and then go onto be a Legend.


Oh gosh, this OC hits all of my biases. I love him! :3 <3

Not to be confused with Zukiuke


This almost sounds like something that could be canon! And with that, this is a well done Oc (in my eyes)!
Feel free to check out my [URL=]Oc page[/URL]!


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Guess the third try is the charm!  ^-^
Also, quick question. Should I change the Mane colors? Because the lighter tone was only filler until I figured out a better one.


Quote from: annosrules on 2014 Oct 26, 11:36:38
Guess the third try is the charm!  ^-^
Also, quick question. Should I change the Mane colors? Because the lighter tone was only filler until I figured out a better one.

Oh, please, no, I think it looks great! I think he looks great as well, I wanted to ask can I draw him?
You can be sure he looks great because I don't offer a drawing to anyone  :D (ok I do but I'm busy, that says something right?)


I would truly appreciate a more artistic rendition of Blazing Legend Ramisha and gladly give you permission to draw to your hearts content.
Also, I will keep the hair color as it is growing on me.


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Oops, I forgit to send this. Here you go. Now that I look at it it's kind of dark... :s



Nice! I love these! Thank you so much!  :D <3


Yay! I'm very glad you do.


-New art under "Blazing Legend Pictures" spoiler.

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