Nightcore songs?

Started by Naura, 2014 Oct 24, 07:30:16

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I just started to listen to Nightcore music, and for you that don't know what it is, its songs artists made, but speeded up and often a high pitched voice sings them. I look around for new Nightcore songs at all times, but I can't find alot that I like (I have a song list of 51 songs atm) so I wonderd if anyone else likes Nightcore and/or know any good songs?
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I have a very mild interest in Nightcore, as you can see.  Some people I'd recommend are TheLaLaLaTranceGirl, NightstepDaga, and NighTcoreFC


I don't listen to it much, but I DID find a mix of my second favorite game theme ever.
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