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By Bakasan:

By Sulfur:

Name: Lt. Turnip (Lewie for short)
Gender: Male
Race: Earth Pony
Age: Stallion
Occupation: Para-military Militia
Home: A turnip farm outside of Ponydale.
Cutie Mark: A Turnip on top of a Lieutenant Badge
Talent: Throwing Turnips
Personality: Dedicated to his own delusions, Lt. Turnip believes that he is invincible and that he has to defend everypony using his uncanny turnip tossing prowess.
Abilities: Lt. Turnip can throw turnips with pinpoint accuracy and can cause them to explode if he tears the leaves of with his mouth first.
    "Born in Ponydale to the Turnip family, Lt. Turnip always loved playing games like; Find the Changling, Capture the Turnip and the Tabletop RPG: Large-Ponymade-Cave-Systems and Diamond Dogs. It wasn't until his 8th year that he discovered his true talent at throwing turnips and therefor his cutie mark. It happened when he and his father were in the field harvesting turnips, Lewie decided to make it into a game by checking the hole left by the turnip for diamond dogs. He never would've thought he'd actually find one.
    After removing a particularly large turnip, a Diamond Dog came up with it. Hungry for the snack, it started chowing down on one of the Turnip family's prized turnips. Lewie was surprised at first, he'd never actually seen a diamond dog before, and this one was abnormally close to Ponydale, or at least that's what all the books said.
    So acting more than thinking, Lewie grabbed a large turnip out of one of his saddlebags and threw it directly at the Diamond Dog's head. Angry that it's meal was so rudely interrupted, the Diamond Dog leaped at Lewie. This attack was met with Lewie's counteroffensive, in the form of a hail of turnips. The Diamond Dog yelped an scampered back down it's hole, Never to be seen by the Turnip family again."


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