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Started by Kaela Shadow, 2014 Oct 04, 14:31:19

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Kaela Shadow

Im making Twiligth react to the elements of insanity but y can put Twi in the video because i dont have adoveflash (idk how named it xD) So...she is in green background and I have the video if some body can help me i will give the credits and i thanks for all u are working on it   ^-^ this is the background i will put on twi
Spoiler: show
and that's twi
Spoiler: show
So thanks if you see that and im new here so if you can say me how to play legends of equestria that will be cooler!!!!!!  :D


Legends of Equestria cannot be played yet, it's not finished. But they do have "Open Server Weekends" sometimes, and you can play then. They will anounce when that happens.

For the background video, do you want Twilight to appear when the camera turns, as if she was watching the video?
Wait for it...

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