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Spoiler: My Art • show


Old Profile w Campfire:

With Proof of Concept Custom Royal Guard Armor:

Cinnamon Stick and Star Chaser (Unfinished and probably never will be.)

Spoiler: Other Peoples Art • show
By Cryptic-Dash

Name: Match Stick
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Age: Stallion
Magic Color: Orange
Occupation: Lance Corporal in the Royal Guard
Home: South Canterlot Royal Guard's Barracks
Cutie Mark: A Lit Match. This deceptive cutie mark appears to be connected with Match's innate fire magic, though it actually represents his ability to inspire bravery in others.
Talent: Inspiration and Empowerment.
Arcane Flare (Magic):
      Match can condense his overcharged fire-bolts into small flares that detonate after a set amount of time, though no more than a few seconds. This creates an explosion of fire and/or light to either maim or blind his opponents.
Archetype of Courage (Talent Ability):
      Match's talent allows him to encourage others through both word and action. This ability cannot force a pony to do something that they do not want to do, nor does it force them to take life-threatening risks.
Basic Fire Casting (Magic):
   Match can utilize the standard fire spells that any fire elemental unicorn can.
Dark Pact (Dark Magic, Optional as well as related backstory elements):
      Match has unknowingly been indoctrinated by a formless entity that seeks to use Match's Mana Well to its own ends, and to ensure Match's cooperation, the entity often gives Match boons and advice.
Phoenix Fire (Magic, Teleport Alternative):
      Match teleports by discharging a large amount of mana through his entire body. He can either do this instinctively or purposefully. This form of teleportation consumes his body in fire and reforming it in another location with a similar fiery effect. Can be weaponized to create devastating fires at the area of his departure and/or the area of his arrival.
Mana Well (Talent Ability):
Match has an unnaturally large mana reserve that makes his own magic unstable and prone to   being overcharged, but it allows him to channel the excess mana to other unicorns in order to empower their spells, as well as provide Match.

Personality: Match can just as easily swing between optimism and depression as he can between courageousness and dread, but when the time comes, he is liable to rise to the occasion and overcome his fears for the betterment of others. He's an upstanding figure who is constantly battling with self-doubt, and fear for what can and will happen if he ever falters in his duty. Always reckless in a fight, it can be easy to mistake his heroism and courage for foolishness and ignorance.

   Match Stick grew up on the tales of the legendary figures of the Royal Guard as well as other heroic figures from Equestria's history. These legends, fables, and myths filled Match with a yearning to live up to them, and he constantly was reading books about even the lesser known heroes. His parents Cinnamon Swirl (Father) and Star Chaser (Mother) were happy to indulge their child's interests and he quickly gathered a small collection of books on the topic in their apartment above Cinnamon's bakery.
   Early on Match showed great aptitude with the universal Unicorn spell of levitation, and used it to great effect to help his father work the kitchen, as well as help his mother during the odd times she took him with her to the University. However, even with the benefit of going to a primary unicorn school where both Magic theory and Magic practical were prominent classes, Match hadn't shown any signs of other magic capabilities. This was not wholly uncommon, as some unicorns don't learn any other spells until they get there cutie marks, but it was enough to attract reticule from his peers. This bullying made Match become more recluse, and was cause for concern from his Parents.
   Star Chaser got a grant to research and give a report on a mysterious Black Comet that came into view about once every five years, and decided to make a family vacation out of the required trip up the Foal Mountains. Star and Cinnamon agreed on this because of the opportunity it presented for Match, and hoped it would be therapeutic for their hurting son.
   Disaster struck during the trip when Match's magic quite literally flared, and set fire to the woods while he was trying to light the campfire. He and his father were separated from Star, who was off preparing a site for her astronomic equipment. It was only because of Match convincing his father to go back for her that she survived the blaze unscathed. And while the fire was eventually put out by the park Rangers, the damage had already been done and Match was at fault. The worst part, was that Match had acquired his cutie mark from the ordeal, a lit match. This was in fact earned by Match for not only having the courage to face the flame, but also for encouraging his father to do the same and overcome his cowardice. Though Match justifiably believed it to be for starting the fire, and forever labeling him a destroyer instead of a leader.
   With his flank now blazoned with a clear image of a lit match as his cutie mark, Match sank into an even deeper depression over what he had done, and what he was capable of doing. He was no longer welcome at his school after news spread of the forest fire, and no matter how many private tutors Star and Cinnamon got him, Match wasn't showing any signs of improvement.   
The truth behind Match's mana flaring is that an ancient enemy of Celestia and Luna was banished within it, and when it came into view of Equestria, she picked up on a developing Mana Well, and decided to indoctrinate the young foal in order to use his abundant Mana in order to escaper her icy prison. The flaring was caused by her forcing a connection between herself and Match, and the awakening or his dormant powers. The events unfolded far better than expected and Match was alone, afraid, and desperate.
   The entity became a mentor figure to Match, appearing in his dreams at first to talk with him and allow Match to unload his personal thoughts and convictions. When she believed Match was ready to accept her 'help', she offered to teach Match how to control his mana well. With these teachings proving fruitful to the young Match, he soon came to be under the thumb of the entity. What she had not accounted for, was that another figure of great potential would show up in Match's life and unknowingly disrupt her hold by giving him back the one thing he lost, courage.
Blazing Legend came under the teachings of Star Chaser during his time at the Canterlot University. Star saw great promise in the wise young stallion, and soon talked Match into meeting with him. This initial meeting went of far better than Star could have ever hoped. Match and Blaze quickly became kindred spirits, and more meetings where earnestly planned. The entity retaliated against these meetings, and would withdraw her blessings from Match as well as refuse to answer his outcries in the night. She was still there though, watching and waiting for Match to slip up, and to fall completely under her control.
With his nighttime mentor missing and Blaze insisting that Match pursues his dreams, Match left home to join the Royal Guard and live up to the heroic examples from passages that he still knows by heart.

Suggestions are welcome, and yes I did do the art myself.


no complaints from me it is solid as far as I can tell great job :3


Just one thing, the name Match Stick. I mean, his name is literally his cutie mark. I usually don't like those names that spell their special talent out for you, unless he was named for his color (Like Pinkie), he changed his name, or he was born into the business and everyone expected him to be talented in that area (Like Applejack).


I have been thinking the name over, but I am a loss when it comes to alternate names. If you, or anyone else, has any suggestions I am more than willing to listen.


Well, I think Match Stick could still be his name, but he changed it to that when he decided to get into fire magic. Maybe his previous name was something generic like Bob?


I've been thinking about the name and one alternative is Kindled Flame, I am really at a loss though in the name department  ono.

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