unlikely food combinations good/bad

Started by dr.induction, 2014 Sep 27, 10:51:41

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2014 Sep 27, 10:51:41 Last Edit: 2014 Sep 27, 20:51:39 by dr.induction
IDK... good or bad.

many moons ago when i was growing up my dad used to make us 2/3 cup chocolate milk and 1/3 cup 7up or sprite, it was mighty good

Dark Hooves

mix peanut butter with cooked rice, yum yum
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2014 Sep 27, 19:53:40 #2 Last Edit: 2014 Sep 27, 20:09:14 by Firey
>Doritos and Mountain Dew   ovO

>Fetta cheese and Watermelon (not mixed together...it's eaten at the same time)   :P

>pieces of cheddar/mozzarella cheese in soup
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a peanut butter and bolony sandwich, yummy

Chishio Kunrin

Get ketchup in your mouth, then drink Sprite. I did that in elementary school and liked it.

There are people who eat chocolate-covered peppers. o.O I can't handle spicy stuff, so I can't imagine eating that.

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Little Star

Sea salt and caramel.

For breakfast I always eat Bagel Bites and Sunny D xD

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