What merchandise do you find difficult to obtain?

Started by BeebarbX, 2014 Sep 11, 02:24:36

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Not 100% sure if this is in the right place, but oh well.

I sometimes find it hard to obtain certain things for my collection for one reason or another.

1. A variant of the Rainbow Dash Pop! figure, painted to look metallic. Apparently an exclusive to Gemini Collectibles, who refuse to ship to Australia.

2. The Daring Do, Rarity, Discord, AppleJack and Big Mac Funko figures (as well as anything 'hot topic exclusive'). Not yet easily available anywhere other than Hot Topic, supplies dwindling (or completely out as far as Discord as I no longer see it on their site) shipping to Australia is insultingly high, usually requiring bulk ordering to offset the shipping cost and budgeting specifically for the purchase.
I usually don't have enough extra cash to offset Hot Topic's high shipping cost.

3. The chapter books by G.M. Berrow. Would love to get, but shipping via Amazon totals greater than the cost of the books themselves. I have so far been unable to locate an alternative source.

4. The Comic-Con 2013 Rainbow Dash Funko Figure. I had my chance and missed it. I had both that one and the Derpy one in my virtual shopping cart for Popcultcha, an Australian online retailer good for some of this merchandise. They ran out of the Rainbow Dash one just as I got enough extra cash to be able to make the purchase.
Though I could still get one off of Amazon, it would be at a higher cost.

5. Pony plushes in general. I don't have very good luck finding these. All I want is a decent quality Rainbow Dash, Derpy and/or Sweetie Belle.

6. Sweetie Drops (Bon Bon) from the Series 1 Mystery Minis. It's the only one I'm missing from that set, opened individual ones usually cost more than an unknown blind box, and getting a unopened box may not net me the figure. I may just order a display box for series 2.

Like the topic title says, I am wondering what each of you find hard to obtain.


Everything ships worldwide

Rainbow dash metallic




Daring do


Big Mac, he is expensive


Apple jack




Not sure about the books shipping but you can try
For one

No idea which one you are talking about


Bon Bon

Only one I see so hurry up.


Sorry, no good daring do ones

Custom made plushies are the only good kind but are inhumanly expensive.

Look at guys other items.

please don't attempt to message me, I don't want to be anyone's friend on here.


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I don't know how to respond to this.

1. It's been so long since the initial post that I literally forgot I even made this topic until now.
2. eBay Really? That's your answer? I knew eBay was a thing already, but that isn't an option for me. I don't actually have a proper credit card, so I have to be extra careful when it comes to online purchases.
3. This topic wasn't about me complaining, it was a general inquiry as to what others find difficult to obtain while mentioning my own in the initial post. The title being a question should have been enough of a clue, but no person got that apparently.

Icy Shield

Any merchandise. Especialy when you don't live in america  >:/

Let it snow!


Snow Crystals

Well there was a sale on amazon that's where i buy all my anime stuff but plushies hmm well you'll have to wait till they make more or wait until the price goes down or get them on black Friday that's how i got all my things and there shipping 3 days from now.

Lync Volan

Plushy's they are really costly and lately i have wanted to go after the books/comic books but its near to impossible with the postal service here so i'll have to wait afew more months before i can get them when i go back to new york  :s

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