{Herd} The celestial inquirers!

Started by Dashieisbestpony, 2014 Sep 05, 17:58:26

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Rules: (A): All forum rules apply!
(b): For now I will only allow my close friends in, but later on I may open it up a bit more c:

The Celestial inquirers are a group of ponies who (obviously) seek to get Celestia to tell them things she does not openly discuss. ex: What happened to Starswirl the bearded? He may have died a natural death, or maybe he grew to powerful and Celestia "disposed" of him. Who knows?

As I said in the rules, only the people I know and am atleast kinda close to will be allowed in right now.

List of people who will be added (if they want to be) with no questions asked: Howitzer, M00nglow, alexandas, any of the mods I know and see on the forum a lot, bravedash, blueshield, greyscaleisme, Tekner, Crabapple.

(All of the posts I make will be in This color. This is so I can more easyly tell my posts from everyone elses :))

Rank descriptions:
Leader: The (obviously) Leader of the herd. In charge of all the inquirers/warriors.

Warriors: the brute strength of the herd, in charge of guarding information and the headquarters of the herd.

Mages/magi: the archers and main interrogators, where most unicorns go. (Most)

Spies: They sneak into Cantermore/lot to (of course) spy on Celestia and luna.

Members/ranks: Leader: Summer skies


Mages/magi: Mentalshock

---> http://dragcave.net/user/Howitzersfriend <---My dragon cave scroll :3


Username: mentalshock
OC name: Smooth/Shock Waters
Race: unicorn


Welcome to the Celestial inquirers, mentalshock!
---> http://dragcave.net/user/Howitzersfriend <---My dragon cave scroll :3



---> http://dragcave.net/user/Howitzersfriend <---My dragon cave scroll :3

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