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Started by StormieSkys, 2014 Aug 17, 15:11:40

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Most forums video games section have a nostalgia thread, basically, just tell us about a game you played a lot as a kid, maybe when friends came over or something, etc. So, well one game I remember I played most as a kid, was Sly Cooper and halo 2, mmmn those games. Sly Cooper is like... Assassins creed, accept cartooney and featuring anthro'd animals as characters, it was nice and fun and the story was simple and nice. Also, the final boss, from the first one, was clock work, a giant steampunk-esque bird thing. It was BRILLIANT and great!


Early on in my childhood, I wasn't too privileged.  At first, it was because I lived out in the sticks.  I did have an old Sega Genesis with Street Fighter, Sonic, and X-Men (Can't remember which ones exactly), but I never really got into them.  It wasn't until I finally moved into suburban life that I finally came into contact with a sizable gaming culture.  I bought my first Gameboy Advance SP when I was 13, with my first game being Final Fantasy: Tactics.  I did own Pokemon: Fire Red as well, but FF:T has remained my favorite gameboy JRPG of my youth.

While I was into console gaming for quite a while, I think it would be more important to describe where my love for PC gaming started.  While my dad had been PC gaming for a few years with the original Diablo and Half Life, I never really got into it until I discovered Star Wars: Empire at War.  Not only was this the first game to get me into PC gaming culture, but it was also my first RTS, the genre which continues to be my favorite.

Finally, the game that I played most in my youth would have to be Runescape.  I first found out about it at YMCA day camp when we were in a teen center I saw some of the guys playing it.  To this day, the amount of things you can do makes it my favorite MMO of all time, ahead of Guild Wars 2 and Global Agenda.  The best part about that game was that you weren't limited to being a combat role - you could go ahead and become a cook, or a blacksmith, or even a lumberjack (Where you can be ok, sleep all night and work all day X3).


Back when I was younger, I played a lot of Pokemon Emerald. It was the first pokemon game I really played on my own, without my older siblings as guides, so it became my favourite pokemon game. I still love replaying it.

We also had this cartridge for our gameboy advance that had like 100+ games on it or something. I never understood how that worked, but I also spent a lot of time playing those. I remember one of the games had a motorcycle race and I kept making him smash his face into the ground trying to do a front wheelie. I think it was called Excelbike or something?

I also played some Rayman if I'm not wrong. Or at least my brother did.

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You know you're old when you hear "Halo 2" and "Sly Cooper" in a topic about nostalgia and you think it's nothing to nostalgia about.

Hell mang, what about that Chrono Trigger? Terranigma? Super Mario World (1 & 2).



Old nostalgia games, I used to play a lot of Crazy Taxi on the dreamcast, bloody roar on the ps1 I used to play it a lot too with a friend, twisted metal, contra, super Mario 64, Metal gear for the Nintendo and for the ps1( also completed 100% the Vr missions standalone game), vigilante 8, Metal slug, Doom, wolfenstein 3D, rayman 2 the Great escape, Max payne, etc, etc. One of the games that I liked a lot too was legacy of Kain Soul Reaver.

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A nostalgia thread, huh? I guess while I could talk about Doom (my first video game), there's not a whole lot I can say about it that hasn't already been said. So I'll talk about another game I used to play a lot of, Constructor. If you don't know what it s, basically you (and 1-3 AI players, possibly a friend if you got the network feature to work) had to build houses and stuff while keeping both your tenants and the council happy. Sometimes this means sending an undesirable over to ruin someone's day (blow up houses, flood entire block, etc.). Sure this game got a little frustrating sometimes with the fence attacks (this is how you take over buildings) and the better undesirables actions were locked by difficulty (harder levels give more actions), but I still liked to play it (and still do sometimes).


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I will never forget playing the original Spyro and Crash Bandicoot games as a kid. I remember spending countless hours trying to find every gem/crate in those games in order to get the true endings. :3

It really is a shame to see that Activision has basically killed them thanks to "Skylanders" and "Crash Bandicoot: Mind over mutant". I love these franchises i really do, but I don't' see them reclaiming their former glory anytime soon.

(P.S The only spyro games that came close to being as good as the original ones are the legend of spyro games. Crash however, has no hope at all.) :c


Pikmin, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, I grew up with the Gamecube. I also grew up with the SNES, since we had one of those too. And, A Link to the Past on there was the first Zelda game I ever played.(Not the first one that I beat, because when I was little I had trouble with that game, but I still loved it a lot)


I remember when I used to play a few Mario games on my family's old SNES when I was younger...Other than that, I also played on the GameCube early in the morning sometimes just to play Animal Crossing.. lol

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