My let's play on LoE

Started by my_name_is_not, 2014 Aug 14, 18:06:18

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2014 Aug 14, 18:06:18 Last Edit: 2014 Aug 14, 18:11:18 by my_name_is_not
Yo :]
I recorded something near 7h15 this last week-end, and now I'm compilating it in a let's play. It'll be in 8 independent parts (one for every map, and a "zapping" regrouping some things in the whole game), with a medium length of 15mn. I haven't seen rules denying to post it, and I still haven't seen nobody doing it after one week, then I'll start...

Interested ? Here's the link ! 

But they're 2 problems : First, a let's play is very long to make. Then at the moment, I've only 2 parts ready (I continue to work on it)
Second, I'm french ; I'm making subtitles, but it's long too, then at the moment only the first part is subtitled.

As if all's still not ready, I hope you'll come to see it, and moreover you'll enjoy ! ^-^
(PS : As I'm still making the next parts, don't hesitate to comment/give advices, it could help me to continue !)

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