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Started by christophr, 2014 Aug 13, 11:52:15

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So, in case I may do some RP here (Which I am sure of I will do :D ), I wanna have my OC present here with as much description as I have so anypony can get him- or herself a quick overwiev of him. Let's begin.

Name: Christoph
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Race: Pegasus
Born in: Cloudsdale
Currently living in: Ponyville
Appearance: Very, very dark grey skin (if it doesn't even count as black). Short, brown, messy mane and tail. Green eyes.
Cutie Mark: None.
Notable Abilities: Pretty fast flyer. Also having some good drawing skills.
Special Powers: One of the Elements of Friendshipness (That's how I call the LoE-Elements of Harmony X3 ), the element of diamond-shaped things. That means while wearing his element he has the power over anything in the shape of diamonds, like... uh... diamonds, or... diamond-shaped paper cutouts, or diamond-shaped rocks, or, uh, diamond-shaped origami-figurines... you get the point. Isn't used often though.

Character story:
Christoph was born a normal pegasus pony in Cloudsdale, having a pegasus as his father and a unicorn as his mother who could live in Cloudsdale thanks to a spell that allowed her to walk on clouds. While he grew up, he actually wasn't that interested in flying, but he got a younger unicorn sister later on, which apparently got very interested in flying, which is already odd for a unicorn.
When Christoph was 16 years old, he had to follow his sister to a "Young Flyers Competition" she wanted to watch. Both mother and father were busy that day, and since Christoph didn't want to make his sister sad, he had no big choice. He planned to only sit there doing nothing while he lets his sister having fun spectating the event, but when a certain young filly named Rainbow Dash performed a Sonic Rainboom, Christoph's whole life changed: He wanted to become a flyer as fast as Rainbow Dash or even faster!
Since that day he started to practice every day, getting better and better.
When he then became an adult pegasus, he moved out of his parents' house to move to Ponyville. He is now living there on his own, trying to make a lot of friends, having fun in general and constantly trying to get faster.
Christoph is living his life pretty free and easy, so he doesn't really care much for the fact that he still hasn't got his cutie mark, he just goes along with it. He is nice and always up for fun, action and adventure. He is really hard to upset and isn't usually the type who binds himself to other ponies' orders, though he does so if it is reasonable... or lifes are in danger.
Another thing to note is that Christoph once discovered a new forest similar to the Everfree Forest: The Evershade Forest. As he found a castle there, he found some weird stones. As he carelessly sat on one of them, he activated a new batch of elements: The elements of friendshipness. He became the element of diamond-shaped things, first being excited to have made such a discovery, then questioning if other ponies already activated some of the other elements and then realizing that all he could do was controlling diamond-shaped things. Not really spectacular, so Christoph doesn't really uses these powers, but if he wants it or not, he is still bound to this element...

Anything written here may update as my OC goes along on new adventures. He never stops growing! :3


You really should add a cutie mark, most ponies get theirs at a young age. And it would make your pony even more interesting!

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