[Song] LOST - Electro-BLITZ & 4EverFreeBrony

Started by Electro-BLITZ, 2014 Aug 11, 22:40:01

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My first Collaboration  :3 and with a amazing talented person named 4everfreebrony

Listen to it on SoundCloud

I'm quite proud on this achievement to be honest, i know 4everfreebrony is gone to his religious mission for 2 years, but i will never forget how much effort he put into this together with me.
If you like to give feedback or criticism on this song, That would mean the world to me, sharing it around would make me scream and Squee everywhere. (There also will be a youtube video soon with appropriate cover art specially made for this occasion)

Please also visit 4everfree his youtube channel to see more of his amazing stuff, just click on his name above!  ^-^

Huggles all of you!   X3
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