Favourite Mod?

Started by Siempre Radiante, 2014 Aug 11, 05:28:04

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Sunshine Smash

Ryo, Darcy, and Chishio.

In no particular order.

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All of them clearly for they are my daughter's and son's  :l

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Sweet Brew

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Nice enough to be friendly, Stern enough to be heard by the trolls.
Mizuki can't be disliked, a sweet soul.
Oliver is a programmer, but a mod as well I think? anyways, he's great.

I liked Book Smarts and Prismatic though, too bad they're gone.
Haven't seen enough of the new mods to tell about them though...
AnthroYuu seems nice.


I haven't met any mods buut...

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Quote from: Itty Bit on 2014 Aug 12, 01:02:06
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to post my favorite mod! I bet you guys would never be able to guess!
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But really, I love all of you guys, and appreciate everything you all do ^-^

... ovO

I'll say Princess Button. Because her oc is awesome.


I like every mod, I haven't really interacted extra much with any of them, but they all seem sweet so I can't choose X3
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