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Started by NyancatOpal2, 2014 Aug 08, 11:06:19

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After I downloadet and installed this game (that was a torture) I wanted to log in. (Yes I registrated at this forum first) I realized that the login don´t accept ä. Well. But thats not the problem. Finaly the login let me in. I was creating my OC but than, suddenly I was logged out automatic. I trieds to login again. It took about 3 Minutes (at the first time it was faster) than there should be the server List. But there was "cutie marks downloading....
Items downloading... abilitys downloading... skills downloading.... But it doesn´t seem to work. Why does it took so long to downloading there things ? Is it normal ? Is it normal that the game want to download this things automatic ?
Please, can somepony help me ?
(Sorry, but my english is not the best)

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