Children Record (Singers needed)

Started by NyaKittyLulu, 2014 Aug 08, 07:23:39

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If you never herd a anime called Mekakucity Actors YOU MUST WATCH IT! It's the popular anime of all time during 2014 winter!
I don't wanna give you guys trouble, but here is the link the the anime series


So, there is a popular song called Children Record in the anime series. But we're doing the Japnese version, because their so many around like 3 versions of english so i don't wanna deal with it -.-"
<Nico Nico Chorus
<Real video

Japanese Lyrics:
(2 People) Shiroi iyahon o mimi ni ate sukoshi niya tto">Read the forum rules.e aizu suru
(2 People) Shimikonda kono ondo ga doa o nokku">Read the forum rules.a shunkan ni afuresou ni naru yo
(2 People) "Mada mienai?" Me o kora">Read the forum rules.e nozomu soudatsusen
(2 people) Ano hi choucho">Read the forum rules.a nouri kara "Ima da, torimodose" to koodo ga naridashisou

(Boys) Itoshikute, tsurakute, sekai o kiratta hito no
(Boys) Hidoku rifujin na "kousei"
(Boys) Koutei">Read the forum rules.eicha mirai wa umidasenai

(Everyone) Shounen shoujo mae o muku kureru enten sae kibouron datte
(Everyone) "Tsuremodose" "Tsuremodose" Mikadzuki ga akaku moeagaru
(Everyone) Saa saa, koodo o zero de kizame
(Everyone) Souzouryoku no sotogawa no sekai e oobaa na kuusou sensen e

(2 people) "O-saki ni douzo" tte">Read the forum rules.a o dasu yoyuu butta mujaki na me
(2 People) "Hora deban da" pasuwaado de me o sema">Read the forum rules.a jajauma wa tomaranai
(2 People) Mou yoru ga fukaku naru "okosama" nara moeru enchousen
(2 People) Gyakkyou guai ga kuuru daro? Nemurenai ne madamada hora hayaku! Hayaku!!

(Girls) In-tenpo de shisen o awasete hai tacchi de biito ga naridaseba
(Girls) Kangaetecha osoi deshou? Hora nokkattekou ze
(Girls) Wan koodo de shisen o awasete buttonda guruuvu ga uzumakeba
(Girls) Joudan janai mieru hazu sono hai-endo no fuukei no sukima ni

(4 people) Saa dou dai, kono atsusa mo surechigaisou datta kachikan mo
"Warukunai kana" me o hiraki, te o toriattara
(4 People) Angai chiipu na kotoba mo "aikotoba da" tte iiaeru.
(Everyone) Sukoshi dake mae o mukeru

(IA's Part) Shounen shoujo, mae o muku yureru enten sura kibouron datte
Omoidashi, kuchi ni dasu fukashigi na deai to wakare o
"Nee nee, toppi na sekai no koto sanzan datte waraitobasetanda"

(Everyone whisper) Aizu ga owaru

(Everyone sing like you mean it!) Shounen shoujo, mae o muke kuramu enten sura kibouron datte
"Tsukamitore" "Tsukamitore" to taiyou ga akaku moeagaru
Saa saa, kooru da. Saigo ni shiyou saizen-saku wa sono me o mihiraita
Oobaa na mousou sensen kanjou-sei no mebiusu no saki e

English Lyrics:
With white earphones in my ears
I give the signal with a little grin.
The moment I knocked on the door,
The heat permeating me floods out.
"You still don't see?"
A staring contest with strained eyes.

When I faltered then
The chord rang out:
"Now's the time, take it back!",
As from inside my mind.
The world is lovable yet harsh.
There were some who loathed it.
With their cruelly irrational "system"
If I approve, then the future won't exist...

Boys and girls, face forward
Finding hope in even the unbearable heat.
"Bring it back!" , "Bring it back!"
The crescent moon rises in red flames.
Now, come, write the code in 0's
Head to the World outside the imaginary,
To the overstated warfront of fantasy.

"Go on ahead," you stick out your tongue, simple eyes feigning cockiness.
With their password, "Hey, it's my turn",
The awoken, restless child won't stop.
The night's getting dark,
For the "children", they're brightly burning
Extra innings.
Adversity is the cool thing, isn't it?
Can't sleep, not yet.
Come, hurry, hurry!!

We meet our gazes
And then the beat resounds with a high touch.
Isn't it too late to think about it?
Come on, just get with us!
With one chord, we meet our gazes
And then you're wrapped in the bouncing groove.
You should see it's not a joke
Between the gasp of the high-end scenery.

So what do you think of this heat
And our values that just so happen to meet?
"Not so bad, is it?"
When we open our eyes
And clasp our hands
Even these surprisingly cheap words
We dispute them as "passwords".
And I face forward just a little.

Boys and girls, face forward
Finding hope in only the shimming heat.
Recall, and bring to words
Your miraculous encounters and farewells.
"You know, about that wild world; I laughed it off as being just too harsh."
So ends the signal.

Boys and girls, face forward!
Find hope in only the dizzying heat!
"Take it in hand!", "Take it in hand!"
The blazing sun rises in red flames.
Now, come, it's the call.
Let's make this the end; the best plan of action has opened your eyes,
From the overstated warfront of daydream
to beyond a mobius strip of emotion.


Until not much of you guys can sing Japnese, just take your time. I'm not gonna put a due date until i get enough people. Like around 9ish or less.
All you need is..
Name you want:
Character you want to be:
Part you like to take:
that's all! :)

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