My Ocs! *Under Construction*

Started by Zoroark, 2014 Aug 06, 17:48:22

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This is where you can check out my ocs! Please, do comment on them!

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This is my main OC, Sapphire Splash!

Spoiler: show
(better image coming soon) As a dog :3

Name: Sapphire Splash
Gender: Mare / Female
Mane/Tail: Blue and Neon Blue. Mane is usually longer/bigger.
Mane/Tail Style: A combination of Egyptian and Waterlike styling.
Talent: Gem/Mineral Expert.
Cutie Mark: A sharply cut Sapphire colored like the ocean.
Eyes: Yellow
Body: White with a very small hint of blue
Hobbies: Collecting various gems and minerals, studying different types of rocks/minerals/gems
Likes to: Go to the beach, be near water, find new types of minerals, spending time with friends
Steam Username: Festive Sapphire Splash

3DS Friend Code: 0173 - 1798 - 3148
My OCs!

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