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Started by Ellowee, 2016 Jul 10, 21:25:12

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O: :3

I happened to be moving the weekend of this last OSW, so I was only able to get a few glorious minutes of playtime in (when I found out I wouldn't have any wifi access for the entire weekend I was like D: D: D: D: ). I'm SUPER excited for the permanent release!!! This is seriously my favorite game ever, like, on-par with Minecraft and Skyrim. I really really hope I'll make the cut for December!! 0:)


that sounds wicked, i haven't played the game since erm 2014, i think? its been a long time. i always miss the open weekends lol


GHOLY HHHHH!!!!! finally!!!!

I can't wait to see the devs hard work!!!! <3 <3

Pastels and cute things...


I have missed every open weekend so far!  >:O

Due to no one's fault but my own.  :P

But, this news of a full game release is great news to me!  :D

Now, if only I can find a way to be one of those that get to join in after it is ready in December.

Seeing how many may wish to be there too, I fear I may not make the cut, however it is each person is chosen to being able to start in this.  :s

I must be able to join, or I may be forced to hack the system and release an onslaught of W.O.W. mohawk grenades on everyone.   ovO

Just kidding, I can't do that even if I wanted to.  X3

Still, it will be cool being able to try this out sometime, even if I have to wait till some time next year, till more can join than the first few exclusive picks.

One day. One Day! I will eventually see you all there.  ;)



I wonder if there will be new features? :D

Hmm. I hope they fix how it looks when you put a helmet on. Your hair just....disappears.... :/

Anyways! I'm so excited!! :D :D :D


This is very exciting!

Does anypony know if there is a sign up sheet? Or is this just random?


Quote from: MythicStar on 2016 Sep 22, 15:55:08
This is very exciting!

Does anypony know if there is a sign up sheet? Or is this just random?

Hi MythicStar!

Once the details are finalized, that information will be made public. Until that point, keep watching the website for updates!

If you have any more questions, feel free to message me!


I cannot wait to play this game!  ^-^

Thunder Spin

I can't wait for December, I did not play the last two OSWs because there should be no servers in my country. I hope the team adds more servers too.

Kat the skeleton

 O: O: O:  O: O: O:YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!#pony4life

Sunny Skies (NLR)

I can´t wait to play it again! :) I´m so excited! :D


SQUEEEEEE!!!!! Can't wait for this to come out!  :P Just hope i don't forget to apply when its december  >.<
Thanks for being the best community out there all you Bronies! ( and Pegisisters )


I am proud to announce that I was going to ask when it will be possible to apply, but I took my time and read the existing comments, and found my answer. Now I don't need to ask and waste anyone's time.

However, it is true that by writing what you are reading right now I am wasting people's time anyway. Why am I writing this? Why am I even writing anything?

Well, you see, there are people who don't search for whether their question has been asked before and just ask it anyway.
And then there are people who do look it up, and likely find an answer.

And then they leave. You don't get to acknowledge them. You only see the repeated questions from the ones who didn't search. And you know what that means? Exactly! It gives the readers a feeling that nobody searches, and everyone reposts! By readers I mean not the readers of this post, or this topic, or this forum for that matter. It's all over the Internet. In some places, you might be a dedicated reader. Elsewhere, you don't know much about what's going on and want to ask something. On one side you are exposed to the effect of selective nature of posts I described above, and on the other side you have the choice of either looking up or reposting.

So this is what encourages you not to search before asking. In part.

For you see, there is another phenomena with a great impact on the matter. Surely you remember the last time you encountered a road block in the task you were assigned, and you went to your manager and asked "Hey, what do I do now?", and the manager was like "Why don't you just try this?", and it was such a simple solution you couldn't believe you didn't think of on your own? It was something you knew about, and could have easily figured out on your own if you gave it a couple minutes and were determined to do it yourself.

What am I getting at here?
The bottom line is that, if you try, you can avoid this mentality of helplessness and find a way to realize that things that seem impossible can be accomplished if you really accept that you have control of these things.
~Veritasium, 2015,


can't wait! greaaaat.  X3


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When will I get it? When will I get it?

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I so cannot wait. :D  I had a lot of fun the open weekend I played on this recent summer.

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