Do you think 2014 is too late to become a Brony?

Started by Bro1997, 2014 Aug 01, 00:03:36

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I have only been a Brony since January 23rd, 2014 and was until April a closet brony. I've been wanting to become one ever since 2012 and have heard of them briefly as early as 2011. I feel bad because I'm worried that because I am not too involved in creating fan art, fan music, or even fanfiction that I might not even be considered a Brony. I also feel bad about waiting three years after the fandom started about joining. I don't attend any Brony conventions like BronyCon and I'm worried that Season 5 will be the last season of Friendship is Magic. I do enjoy the other generations of MLP, but want more animated shows about MLP. I really would hate for the Brony fandom to end and I don't even plan on quitting my liking for My Little Pony in general. Comment on what you think I should feel about this.

Midnight Breeze

Calm down, sha.

There is no handbook for being a brony. You aren't going to get kicked out or chastised for doing things "wrong".

And no, season 5 will not be the last season. The Hub has confirmed they have plans for the show for at least the next 5 years.


I don't think that there's a time limit to join a fandom, is like if someone watch star trek and wants to join the fandom even if the series ended long time ago, and not everyone in a fandom have to do fanfics of fanmade material to "be" a fan. I started to get into the fandom like year and a half ago, but also have way more time in others like in MG in which I have like 10 years, and even if the series end in the 5th season (which i doubt for what Breeze said) that doesn't mean that the fandom would end as well. So enjoy the show, fandom, etc, theres no reason to feel bad for not joining 3 years ago.
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I joined around Christmas of 2013, and if anything, I've only seen this fandom grow.  Sure, lots of people like to brag about how they joined around 2011-2012, but it is never too late to join in on something (Unless you're talking about disco).

Blitz Freeman

The way I see it, 2014 is a great time to join. You got at least 5 more seasons on the way. I anticipate a lot of new concepts will be added to the no, you are most definitely not late to the party. I think its just getting started. :D

New fans of the ponyverse are always awesome to me.
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 O: It's never too late to join the party!  :D


it's usually never too late to become part of a fandom example startrek people are still becoming fans of it and the show has not been aired in while

Dream Bolt

It's never to late to join the herd. Hey, I became a huge fan of Danny Phantom years after the show stopped being a thing. And the old Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM cartoons are another favorite of mine, even though they went out long ago.

The only problem with being a late brony is that you have less time to enjoy the series before it ends. D: But that's okay. Because you can always go back and watch it again!

Snow Crystals

You should join.  My parents always keeps saying try something new for a change and i happen to love it afterwards.


It says right here on page 6 of the Brony or Pegasister handbook... that... there... is... no... handbook... Huh?

Really, there is no handbook, no hard fast rule that says what a Brony or a Pegasister is or is not, heck, I only joined myself recently, have only two plushies (Celestia and Luna) some fan art done for me by a Pegasister friend, an OC named Poetry Motion (Female Pegasus) and another Pegasister friend I RP MLP with on Skype.

I managed to take part in the last LoE open Server weekend where Poetry Motion made her Debut.

Heck, every Pegasister or Brony starts at ground zero, so no, it is never too late.
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The Amateur

I do not think this fandom is going to fade to dust anytime soon.

We are still here. Have fun during your stay!
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Lync Volan

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i first got into the show when i watched "Equestria Girls" back in July 30, 2014 and after rewatching it several times i went to finish the Mlp Series several days after joined a facebook group regarding Mlp and started to engulf myself into the community itself saving fanart,watching youtube videos~Etc
along the lines i chatted and conversed with many members of the community and yet to go meet in person nor have i contributed any videos or fanart of my own but i don't think that means i love the show itself any less :]   
i'll bite though cause i have typed out 3 or 4 huge but lame stories for some reason X3
(i Intensely waited for Rainbow Rocks afterwards lol)
(and about "conventions" the closest i have been to would be the Rainbow rocks movie house even though i did not interact with anyone)

i knew noting of the community until watching Equestria Girls but i have seen a few Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash pictures before then
i haven't watched the older Generation yet but i have plans to
i'm not a "Closet" anything cause i have no one to hide things from and with all honesty Mlp shows up on my Netflix history so even if i was my dad would see it ;)

but simply put as long as you like the show i am sure you count as a "Brony" or whatever
and the way you go about it is all that matters regarding what you do as one 


Lets be blunt about the situation here

Will the Bronyfandom end, eventually yes , Is it ending now No. Will it end after the final episode ... No

Fandoms don't just fade away they merely shrink sure eventually in probably a few years this fandom will be small again, less cons, less consistent creative works so on so forth

However the title that is "Brony" was used to explain a fan of the show or at least a fan of the Ideals of the show, with that in mind consider this
Are you here, do you enjoy Ponies, and are you enjoying what is being created around you.
If so then yes you are deserving of being a part of the fandom as such, but there are no direct rules to joining a fandom if anything MLP is the most open one with its long lasting ideals of Love and Tolerance.

Even if we cannot create ourselves we can support those who do, at least that is my ideals it's up to you what you make of my words 


I don't think it's too late. Bronies are even becoming a general thing in the U.S. In 2011, it was just a simple meme. Rainbow Dash! 20% Kewler! RD this RD that. Now it's more than just a meme. To me, it really outgrown from being a thing  that no one outside of the Internet or an anime convention cares about.  I'd thank FO:E for helping people get into the fandom after 2012.


It's never too late to join something you love! :D Indeed, if we didn't get a constant new influx of fans the fandom would slowly but surely die.

Of course I don't see that happening soon at all, this is one of the most active and insanely productive fandoms I've ever seen/been a part of.


No! Of course not!  :D

Now is an excellent time to join the fandom and as many others have mentioned the show is staying very much here for quite a while. I only considered myself a Brony in late January of this year, and even then isn't too late. In fact, joining a little later can sometimes be a good thing, as now we have a well-developed fandom already and there is plenty of material to go around. Yeah, eventually it's gonna end, but I doubt that it will go anywhere for many years to come, even after the show disappears.

Just make sure you enjoy yourself, okay?  ;)

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Hash Myth

All I can say is being yourself is the best possible outcome.

I for one have been a closet brony from season 2 on, I felt that not letting anyone know was kinda a bummer as I was afraid on what they might have said or done. But now I just don't care what anyone thinks.

There are 7 billion people on this planet, why let a few million make you feel any less of who you are?


I've been a brony since March 2012, and when I signed up on here, Baronies welcomed me (and all my weirdness) with open arms. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met. So, no. You can join whenever you want to and we will not treat you differently.
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i started watching MLP january 2014! yaay for us hahah  :3

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