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Started by Princess Darcy, 2014 Jul 29, 01:26:28

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Princess Darcy

So myself and a few friends for fun have been doing fanfiction readings.  We aren't really professional per-se, as you can tell by our intro, but it's fun to do, and I want to start posting them here :)
It also gives us excuses to play around with our different voices!  So, enjoy!

Note-All fanfictions posted here will comply with the forum rules, don't worry X3

A letter to the Griffon Emperor on the matter of war by WagesofSin

Little Star


We need to finish Lulamoon's Castleeeeeeee


Man. I'm actually somewhat pleased with how i sound in this. I usually can't stand listening to myself speak. XP
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Woo, readings! I love me a good reading, and for not being edited in any way this was pretty darn good. Well done.

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