Whats the creators timezone

Started by EvanTheBananaPony, 2014 Jul 25, 19:30:02

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Whats the creators timezone i would like to set my laptop to it so i can be up to date  X3


I'm not sure what you're asking.
Your Laptop's time zone changing wouldn't help you be up to date. You just need to know the time zone difference.
Also ..be up to date for what?


I think they mean the "creators" of LoE's time zones so that they can be updated on stuff happening with LoE? (Possibly Livestreams? Or so they can post questions in the forums around the time when "creators" are online?)

Whatever the case may be, there's like 50+ people working on this project all together so giving everyone's time zones would be kinda impossible. (or would take too long)

However the livestream has been happening pretty much every day lately, so basically I'd just check LoE's livestream every day and stay tuned whenever you're on the forums/chatbox :)

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