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Started by Ramisha, 2014 Jul 25, 11:31:40

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2014 Jul 25, 11:31:40 Last Edit: 2014 Jul 25, 13:26:59 by Ramisha
Here, if you want an avatar you can use one of these (there's only two now I'll make more just like those but with different ponies)
Spoiler: Pinkie Pie • show

Spoiler: Twilight Sparkle • show

Oh, also I can make one of your pony, just tell me how they look or post a picture :)


hi can you please make me one my avatar would look like this: she is white and has an ombre blue mane and a lightning striking a star she has green eyes and patterns on her feet.I would love it if you could thanks. :D ;) ^-^ :] :celestia: :luna:


Sorry to burst your bubble, but Ramisha hasn't been online since August 2014. You're not getting that avatar.
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