Where can I find free MLP sound effects?

Started by Dream Bolt, 2014 Jul 15, 13:14:03

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Dream Bolt

Hello, everypony! I know I don't post much, but that's because I'm a bit shy. Plus, I've been busy with my various creative endeavors.

One of those endeavors happens to be creating an ALL NEW PONY RESOURCE PACK FOR MINECRAFT! :D
I first played Minecraft a few months ago, but when I tried to download some pony resource packs, (because everything is better with ponies,) I was rather disappointed to find that there were very few resource packs which had a pony theme. I only ever found one, and all these resource packs are in the usual 32-bit style. Since I always preferred the smoother, higher definition resource packs, this was a conundrum for me. So I decided to make my own high-definition, photo-realistic(ish) pony resource pack.

By "photo-realistic", I mean photo-realistic textures. Don't worry, all the characters still look like the same cartoon equines we have all come to know and love. I use MLP vectors as a base for many of the characters, and just apply things like realistic fur and hair textures. (This is for the Vanilla version of Minecraft. If I can ever get my Mine Little Pony mod to work, I will probably expand to include that as well.)

Anyhoo, I'm kind of getting away from the point. You see, I can get textures and such without much difficulty, but what I can't find is decent sound effects for free. (I'm not exactly rolling in bits, so I have to go with the free stuff.) I've checked Soundbible, but their sound effects sadly don't cover most of the things I need. (They don't even have any basic single hoofsteps.) And besides, I need a good deal of sound effects which are specifically from MLP. (Like magic sounds and sound effects for the various mobs. For example, any King Sombra sound effects would be helpful, considering that I'm replacing the Ghast with a King Sombra shadow ghost thing.)

Now I know I could look on Mediafire, because you can get almost anything from there. Including viruses. And I'm kind of paranoid about viruses, so I do my best not to download anything from Mediafire that I don't know for relatively certain is safe.

So, bottom line, is there a way any of you could help me find some good MLP sound effects for my resource pack? :)

Princess Darcy

I'm not sure of any sources for that, since usually if I need some sort of MLP sound effect (My phone's Fluttersquee and Winter Wrapup ringtone) I usually either pull and edit the effect directly from the show myself or create the effect, respectfully.

Good luck with your pack though.


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