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Started by AaronMk, 2014 Jul 13, 23:27:15

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Explicitly no heroes because that's not the thread. Anti-Hero main characters can sit in the corner and act like they're relevant until other wise called upon to be more so.

Discuss villains. Their motivations, their ideology, their motives. Frankly, I feel villains more often than not are a far funner part of the plot than the protagonist; though often exceptions exist. They test the main character, they break him, and they sculpt him. Ideally by game's end the character - or all factions in the plot - should be shaped by the ideology of the antagonizing party. In a sense, evolving out of their old state into a new state in a clash of thesis vs antithesis that would make Ceasar of New Vegas fame proud.

Of antagonists, this makes characters like The Boss effective characters (I can't exactly seem to pull Col Volgan up to the same tier as her). In The Boss' case, she's the catalyst and the philosophical warrior that inspires and effects Snake, Big Boss throughout much of the Metal Gear time-line to become the villain he effectively becomes. And from him spawning additional ideological villains in the same series such as Solidus.

Antagonists with a cause to fight for as much as the protagonist simply stand out better from the rest than those who are just simply bad for bad's sake or follow the simple route that of villainy that it just empty personal gain. Any story can be written about the pretty boy clash of the Chosen Warrior versus Guy Evil for Evil's Sake.

It's the ideological struggle that makes better antagonists; I won't say villain since they're actively stronger than that. Make a story that is in sorts an introspective look into morality and the double standards to continue dialectic evolution.



I find the villains of dark souls to be pretty cool, but ofc not everyone know who they are so

Spoiler: show
It's both Kingseeker Frampt and Darkstalker Kaathe, both attempt to misguide you into believing you'll be doing the right thing by working for them. In the end however if you believe Frampt you only fall for his and Gwyndolin's plans to keep themselves in power, the undead curse isn't truly gone and the flame will simply burn out like it was originally going to, and if you believe Kaathe he'll simply turn all of Lordran into what Oolacile is.

even though though you never get to fight them, they definitely are the closest thing you'll get to the main villain of dark souls.


I always feel bad for Senor Freeze from Batmans.
but bad guy wise, can evil cole from infamoues count?
If not, Dragovich Is the Worst badguy I know of.


So Wolfenstein: New Order's version of General Deathshead is pretty god-tier. Especially the final boss battle with him.

10/10, would blow up again to the sound of really metal dubs.



For me one Great villain( or not so villain depending of how you get the story) is Gwyn Lord of Cinder from Dark Souls.
[Spoiler=Dark souls spoiler]Watching him at the end and realizing that he's nothing like what you expected, you fight your way against Gwyn loyal soldiers who stood at his side till the end only to find a weak, old man, with his might drained after keeping the first flame lit for so long he lost his deity status and became only a mere shell of what he were before, you get to fight an old man who gave everything, even his boss theme makes it sad, even if it was not very hard, it was a really good villain.
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