Make a contract with me, and become magical gir....moderators!

Started by Perry The Pony, 2014 Jul 12, 21:09:48

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Perry The Pony

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That is right, the moderation team is looking for magical girls to join our ranks!  Are you brave enough to keep the forum free of witches and wraiths?  Sign up to become a moderator and find out.  Down below are the 'must have' requirements to become a member of the Magical Girl Moderation Team.

Forum Name:

Skype Name:



Why would you make a good moderator?

Please add anything else you would like down below:

1. Must be of the age of 18 at time of application.

2. Must be a member and good standing of the forum community.  This means no warning or any of infractions against the rules.

3. Must not be the leader of a guild or herd.

4. Must have previous proven moderation experience.

5. Must be have good availability.

6. Must be able to work alone or on a team.

7. Must be able to work under high stress environments.

8. Must be able to conform to moderation standards and follow the rules of the team, forum, and community.

9. Must be ready and willing to work.

10. Must have Skype, this includes a method to communicate via voice.

Everything listed above is a must have.

Please post your application in this thread here.  The other moderation team members will go over the applications and I will make the final call.  Please do not PM me with your application, you will not be considered unless it is posted here.


Chishio Kunrin

"(Ticktock, time is running out) What are you doing now?
I don't know where you are, don't even know your name.
They think I'm crazy, my heartbeat goes up..."


In all seriousness we truly are looking for more moderators! Male, female, and anyone in between! <3

Just remember that we do need your skype info and that you must be over 18. Be sure to fill out the other things on the form as well!

Spoiler: show

See you on the team!

Not to be confused with Zukiuke


Forum name: blackhawk

Skype name: guntars.lacitis

Age: 26

Experience: Been member here since last year December, I have been working at work dealing with people at very stressful working conditions managing to ignore all stress and making right decisions.

Why would you make a good moderator?: To help all team putting effort on protection and keeping site filtered at PG, to put all effort and my most time staying on guard.

I am over 18 years, I have read all rules several times through even all updated rules I have read through, I am not a leader of any guild herd, my availability is very long time, I am spending my most time on forum everyday, and when I am at work I am available for over 18 hours even at work I can be on forum or skype call, I am very social and sociable, I am ready to start working when ever I will be assigned and given command to work.


Forum Name:  Checkmate

Skype Name:  Bayle the Fluffy Penguin

Age: 20

Experience:  Member of the forum for 1-2 years, generally tries best to uphold rules in the RP forums.

Why would you make a good moderator?:  Namely, I'm able to follow orders, as well as to make decisions on my own.  I love this website and community, and I would hate to see it become corrupted as some previous threads were.  Finally, I'd like to be able to help uphold the website rules.

I am over 18.
I have read the rules.
I am not a member of any guild/herd.
Availability is generally very good, however, the time is a little strange.  For U.S. Mountain Time, I am available from roughly 3 PM to 3 AM. 
I spend the majority of my time on the forum, with little time spent elsewhere.
I can generally work alone, but I will admit I have trouble working on a team.  If this disqualifies me, I entirely understand. :)
I am certainly willing to work.
Finally, I do have a Skype account, and I can voice chat.

Please add anything else you would like down below:


Feel free to check out my [URL=]Oc page[/URL]!


Spoiler: show
Forum Name: Puynsi

Skype Name: Puynsi

Age: 19

Been moderator on some small (out of the spot) Minecraft servers as well on "MU".
Saw good mods, bad mods, good admins and bad admins, saw a lot of stuff, good stuff, bad stuff, grey areas, runabouts, etc.

More information:
ArgenMU servers: 1/2/3 Lead moderation team, 2 years.
Minecraft servers moderator:
"SuCraft" which was shutted down because of storage limitations, (Admin couldnt get better equipment so he had to shut down the server), not lead but still had a lot of encounters and experiences, (fake reports, grief, harassment, etc.).
1 year on a home-made net with over 30 people, again moderation lead team, 10 members with a rate of at least 10 hours a week (It was a pretty crowded server)

Why would you make a good moderator?
I have YEARS of experience dealing with this, I've seen so much weird stuff during that time that I literally got sick of it and decided to quit most of the mod positions due of getting too burdened with it since I take the moderation job as one of the most important ones, and if you are not going to do it well, dont do it AT ALL.

After all, "A clean community is one that wont chop your head off when something goes wrong."

Work alone or on a team.
I'm available if needed around (Time zone: GMT -03:00)

Sorry for the first application I've made, as you can see, I was away from this kind of thing for a very long time, but Im always up for the task if the opportunity is at reach.

Please add anything else you would like down below:
Since Im no artist or programmer, the usefullness you can give me is limited, thats why I've always been a moderator, helping new ones, old ones, mantaining peace (and order), thats the less I could do for giving me such a place to stay and wander around, it was always like that, even if you dont accept me as a moderator, I will be always looking up to all of the staff members, thats the less I can do.


Forum Name: Ludvic

Skype Name: jereymiah

Age: 18 (will be 19 on the 15th)

Experience: Even tho I haven't been a member of the forums for that long I still  try to follow the rules and have attempted to keep certain topics active. As for Moderating I haven't directly had the position of moderator. However I have assisted moderators on a few forums in the past. In fact I use to be part of a Gaming Clan (lame ik). While I was there I was given a leadership position. I was in charge of a group of people as well as a section of the forums. I would help out by moderating my own section as well as assisting moderators on other parts by notifying them of issues and such. I also have taken a year of graphics design and in that I learned some basics on html. Even was taught how to make a website using Dreamweaver. (Granted it wasn't that much but im willing to dedicate some time to watch tutorials and research in order to properly be of use to the community).

Why would you make a good moderator?
Well in terms of professionalism I have had years of experience working both with teams and myself in order to get task done. For example in the past 2 years I took some classes that required me to be a leader and work in a professional environment to create things such as short films, posters, websites, and other things. I love to help people. I also have quite a lot of free time as it is still summer. Soon I will be taking college classes but the way I organized it I should still have a nice amount of free time. I already check the forums daily and try to keep it active in certain areas, even when going back to school I should still be able to be on at least every other day. Another thing I feel like mentioning is when I first joined the forums I found out that you use a CoC type of system to organize all your departments. Back when I was in my gaming clan/forum they had a similar system. So I have had experience working this way, and to be honest I quite like that system.

Please add anything else you would like down below:
I'm not going to lie, out of the 10 must haves the only one I have a slight issue is number 4. As I have said before I have not actually had a legitimate mod position. However I promise if you do consider me I will try my best to help out with the forums and even the community in general. Besides I would like to learn more about moderating forum site and websites in general, seems fun and could be useful for my future career plans.

I don't mean to go over bored but I would like to share some pics of a document I was given after completing my course to help me with any resumes related to the course. I will censor my name as well as some personal info, if you wish to see the uncensored document I would prefer to do so in private.
Spoiler: show


Spoiler: To whom it may concern • show

Forum Name: Pipkin

Skype Name:LaptopBrony


Not really experience per-se but i've been a member on here for 2 years next week, responsible for numerous reports in various topics on the boards.
Evolution Gaming Clan-Server Administrator (November 2010-November 2011)
-Responsible for maintaining a clean and enjoyable gaming environment for two 32 slot Urban Terror Servers
Evolution Gaming Clan- Clan Administrator(Promotion) (November 2011-June 2012)
-Responsible for all above tasks as well as server admin training
-Leader of two competition teams in 2 separate leagues, which required me to represent the clan with respect and professionalism

Reason for departure- The game the clan was based on died and we lost our player base.

Drunken Noobs Gaming Clan(October 2011-February 2012)
-Responsible for maintaining a clean and enjoyable gaming experience in one 32 slot Urban Terror Server
-Unofficial Server Administrator training

-Reason for Departure-A PR conflict involving the clan leader forced me/my clan to cut ties with the clan in question

Drawponies Fans Facebook Group-Content Moderator(May 2014-present)

Despite the name, this job actually revolves more around Public Relations, but moderation is required.  My job here is to produce and stimulate activity within the client base while also maintaining a clean and trouble free atmosphere.  This page currently has over 24000 followers.

Why would you make a good moderator?
I believe the combination of my almost 9 years of customer service and 2 1/2 years game server admin experience gives me a unique insight on dealing with problems that arise in an organization while maintaining as positive of a reputation for said organization as possible given the outcome.  I've always believed that regardless of the job if you are dealing with any kind of clientele a positive heir of service is required, but swift enforcement of policy where required is also necessary, while ensuring your actions don't negatively affect the integrity or reputation of whom you are representing.

Please add anything else you would like down below:
Noting my CSR experience given i've referenced it above
Retail Department Customer service(Meat) October 2005-August 2012
Retail Department Manager(Meat)(Promotion) August 2012-Present

Thank you for your time


Would someone who is already a part of the team be able to apply to help moderate as well? Or is double dipping frowned upon? (I mean, Tekner is on practically every team)
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Perry The Pony

I have no issues with that, talk to your team lead.


2014 Jul 15, 15:46:12 #12 Last Edit: 2014 Jul 15, 17:55:54 by Princess Button
Quote from: Perry The Pony on 2014 Jul 15, 15:44:49
I have no issues with that, talk to your team lead.
Will do, thanks!

Bluesy said it was fine with her too, so I will PM my form to you. I hope that's alright. c:
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John Pone

looks like those hours of osu gave me a relevant song


Forum Name:Super_chris85

Skype Name:nichols_fricks


Experience:I used to be in this group on PlayStation home before it was disbanded. I was one of the leads and was helping keep people in  check in the group. I was labeled as an admin

Why would you make a good moderator?
I've been around here a lot to understand what would be needed if I was accepted. I've always been one to try and keep arguments, mad users, and any other disturbances calm and help them finish. I Have almost everyday, all day to myself.

Please add anything else you would like down below: I may be a bit socially awkward but it only comes out at times, But I am very social and love talking. I usually give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they mess with someone I know, then I kinda get defensive. i usually try to keep in contact with all of my friends and family. I've been oblivious at times but when there is a problem, I'm usually there to help on the spot. I love meeting new people and am usually loud and blunt at times. I'm a very relaxed person.


user name : Stockmo9
Skype : Stockmo9
Age : 29
Experience : i have played mmo's for going on 14 years now in total. i have been a director in a few groups had my own vent and ts server.
i am on almost 16 hours a day. i enjoy helping others out and go out of my way to do so very friendly and aussi to lol

i think i would make a good mod because i enjoy going out of my way to help others. and while i am soft if the rules are being broken i will act.

so i hope this is ok for application and thank you for taking the time to view my post


Forum Name: Tekner

Skype Name: (You know it. I'd rather not make it public.)

Age: 19

Experience: I've been a moderator/admin for several World of Warcraft private servers, Ventrilo/Teamspeak servers, and Minecraft servers, some of which since I was 13.

Why would you make a good moderator?
I have a lot of experience working on a team and being a leader:
I own my own minecraft server. I was student body president in 10th grade and one of the team leads on my VEX and FRC robotics drive/engineer teams.
I am patient and have experience with young children:
I tutored 2nd and 3rd graders for a year in English and Math, as well as have been babysitting for three years.
I have intimate knowledge on how to address harassment/abuse from a non-moderator position:
I have programmed and maintained several electronic censors in game and website chats.

Please add anything else you would like down below:
Corgis are best dogs after Huskies. I am not a magical girl, but maybe they will share their ways with me over time. Ummmmmm.. Hi :D

Perry The Pony


Forum Name: Gingineer
Skype Name: (Inquire Within)

Age: 22

Experience: This would be my first moderator opportunity (as for IRL XP, Electrical Student Technician)

Why would you make a good moderator?
I am a regular on the forums here, and have not been one to cause any trouble.
My current role as a student technician at a large hardware corporation has enhanced my
interpersonal and teamwork skills.

Please add anything else you would like down below:
Alexandas has been spamming Magic Girl Contract stuffs so that's why I bothered to read this thread.
But I have been sorta meaning to apply, so, cool.


Forum Name: Draxirch
Character Name on Legends of Equestria: Rosebud Thistlemore
Skype Name: trrich17

Age: 23
Personality: Cheerful, helpful and caring.

What experience do I have?
I have moderated on Attorney Online since December 2013, People respected me and said I did a good job at moderating servers that after that point I made my own server and enlisted my own moderators. I know how to moderate and when users cross the line. So experience wise it's little but I have enough sufficient knowledge to moderate to a good standard.

I also operated a Minecraft server for a year or two, I had about up to 8 users at one stage so we had to implicate some rules and make sure no-one was doing something that could potentially crash the server and ruin the experiences for the other players. I still run my server from time to time to this day, I usually do Pixel Art of My Little Pony or just pixel art in general, but when it comes to survival.. I'm normally getting blown up by creepers. But on a more serious note yeah I have experience running minecraft servers so I think I shall include this here too as an added bonus.

Other experience relative would include running a role play group over skype which includes MLP, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts and other role plays, If someone was disrupting I would offer a warning to them, if they continue I would strip them of their character role, one final warning and it's ejection from the group. A three strike system is what I find to be most efficient ways of managing users and the behavior and reputation of the game/group.

Why would I make a good moderator?

I have the right attitude to maintain a good, safe and efficient environment. On Attorney Online I run a three strike system, have a ban report form for misconduct and have my own team of moderators which i'm proud of, they make it what it is today, a safe, secure and a fun place to be. I am not one to quickly lose their temper and make bad decisions because of it, I am always of a calm mind and nature and make sure to operate to a standard which I deem is acceptable for myself. I think that If I was to recieve moderator priveledges it would make me happy that my knowledge and skills would be of a use to you and help keep making Legends of Equestria a lovely place to be. (Not that it ever was, It's an amazing game and I love it.) You can be assured I will always follow the correct conduct of moderating and will never deviate from the rules you have placed.

More about me.
I am a kind, relaxed and fun person to be around. I often speak to people on skype and give and offer them a good time and make sure that everyone in the skype group is happy. I live in England,UK. So I can easily moderate for people if someone in the USA has to leave due to any reasons, I would be happy to fill in for them so they can rest easily.
I am ready to work whenever and wherever they needs be, And I've worked in a stressful environment before with irate customers at a job I did a year ago, so that's not a problem at all for me.

That's about all, thanks for reading this.
And I hope that we can work something out perhaps. :)

But before I forget, here's a picture of my OC.

I use this character on my Attorney Online server and am very proud of her creation :)
Ingame Name: Fluffy Cloud - Race: Pegasus

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