Innocent VS. Corrupt - The Revival of this Forum Game - Beginnings.

Started by Somebeing, 2014 Jul 04, 20:48:06

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Thank you, Lary, for originally bringing this game to this forum. I will try my best to revive such game and hopefully make it last as long as I can.

((Original Thread Game is here --->

No round is at play...yet.

One year ago...

Quote from: Somebeing on 2013 Feb 26, 22:52:53
I wonder...I have experience in this game.

If wanted, I could possibly host a new game...


Spoiler: Information/Rules/FAQ • show

Notice: This game is based off a more non-family friendly version that has been modified into another version safe for this forum. If you know about this game, that is great. If not, that is great as well. If you do, please do not refer to its more violent side. If you wish to ask any questions about the normal version, PM me.

I did not make this nor did I steal this from any site or idea, I just wish to revive the experience of the previous thread while adding fresh new ideas into the mix (Which I also did not steal/make, just modified for this site). I had fun with Lary's thread game and after a year of inactivity, Overall, just have a great time with this forum game and have fun.

Innocent Vs. Corrupt. Vut is this?

Simply, its a forum game with two teams: the [glow=green,2,300]Innocent[/glow] and the [glow=red,2,300]Corrupt.[/glow] Pitted against each other, they fight for their own goals.

A Innocent player is told his role. He does not know of the other players' roles and they do not know his. He only knows his own role. He wins when all the Corrupt players are banished.

A Corrupt player is told his role. He does not know of the innocent players' roles but he does know of his partners in corruption and their roles. They win when all the Innocent players are exiled/banished.

How do you set up the game?

If you are interested in playing in this game/in the next round, I request that you post/sign-up after the announcement of a new round. A post such as "I want" or "I'm in" will work. I just need your consent in the game and your activity keeping up with it.

After a certain amount of time/players, all players are told privately what their role is by a moderator (I will PM you your role).

How does the game work?

There are two phases of this game. The DAY-PHASE and the NIGHT-PHASE.

During the Day-Phase, the players in the game are allowed to talk to each other, regardless of roles. (In the topic, no PMing. It will count as cheating). Throughout their speeches and their words, the players will have to logically decide and vote which one among them is a corrupt role, while the players who have the corrupt roles will try their best to blend in and act alongside the innocents. Players can change their votes or abstain from voting altogether (although you must post to show that you are active. Doing nothing does not mean that you do not vote for anyone.) After a certain amount of votes (over half of the current players in the game.) the person shall be banished from the round.

During the Night-Phase. No-one is allowed to talk (This topic will be locked during this phase). The corrupt will secretly talk through PMing each other or by third-party chatting or by any source of communication, and decide on a certain player to corrupt and banish from the game. They send their choice through the moderator (PM me the choice). That person shall be exiled from the game during that night.

This two-phased cycle continues until one team wins.

What kinds of roles are there in this game?

Spoiler: Innocent Roles • show

Information - A regular pony who believes in truth and justice. Citizens are the most common role in the game.
Traits - Citizens have no special traits.
Power - They are able to vote for a player to be banished during the day phase.
Tips - Be logical with your information and your decision. Even though you may not have any special powers, your vote and your words can help save the day.

Information - A private sleuth, discreetly aiding the townsfolk.
Traits - Investigators have no special traits.
Power- They have the ability to check one person each night for their alignment and role.
Tips - Disclose your information at the right time. Too late and the corrupt players will have already have exiled most of the players. Too soon and the corrupt will target you as you are the innocent's main source of information.

Information - A scantily-clad escort, working in secret.
Traits - Guards have no special traits.
Power - They have the ability to block someone's role at night, cancelling their night powers.
Tips - Block the powers of players that you think are suspicious/are corrupted. You can even block the powers of another Guard/Vanguard, cancelling their abilities to block someone else.

Information - A secret magician skilled in corruption cures.
Traits - They know if their target was attacked, but they do not know who attacked them.
Power - They have the power to visit someone at night and save them if someone tries to corrupt them.
Tips - Most doctors will protect the investigator, to prevent them from being exiled by the corrupted players, as the investigator provides the town with information.

Information - An eagle-eyed observer, stealthily camping at night to gain information.
Traits - They do not have any special traits.
Power - This role has the ability to see everyone who visits his target each night, including their role and their affiliation.
Tips - Much like the investigator, do not disclose your information too soon or too late. Being at the right house at the right time can be a game-changer.

More to come...

Spoiler: Corrupt Roles • show

Information - A member of corruption
Traits - They do not have any special traits
Power - They have the power to collaborate with other corrupt players to exile someone at night.
Tips - Target those who are of great threat to you. Roles include Investigator or lookout.

Information - A master infiltrator, working for corruption.
Traits - They do not have any specials traits.
Power- They have the power to collaborate with other corrupt players to exile someone at night. They also have the power to check a pony's role and alignment.
Tips - Search for players who are likely investigators/lookouts. Once confirmed, banish them the next night before a doctor realizes who they are first.

Information - An escort, working for the corruption
Traits - They do not have any special traits.
Power - They have the power to block someone's role at night, cancelling their night powers.
Tips - A vanguard can be used effectively by blocking the power of a doctor who is constantly protecting an investigator, while the rest of the corrupted banish the investigator.

Information - A hidden lieutenant working for the corruption.
Traits - A Traitor knows who the other corrupt players are, but they do not know him. Inspections from informants/investigators will turn up innocent. Once revealed, he is converted to a Enforcer.
Power - Votes during the day to protect the corrupt players. When converted, they can collaborate with other corrupt players to exile someone at night.

More to come...


Vote X: This is used during the day when you're voting on who to banish. Replace the X with who you want to vote for.

Unvote X: This is used to unvote for players in case you change your mind. Once a majority decision is announced, you cannot use this command.

How does PMing work in this game?

First off (From Lary's own words.):


The reason for this is simple: You remove the point of this game: Deception and lies, reasoning and truth. Without this theme = no fun. PMing someone else and sharing roles is not allowed. Disobeying this role will result in a banishment in the current roles. Further offences will force a permanent ban from the game.

You may tell your role out IN THE TOPIC, but remember that the corrupted/innocents know if this information as well.

- During night time, the corrupt players will PM me their choice of player to exile.

- Some specific roles will have to PM me what choice they picked for me to show them the outcome (ex. Investigator).

More to come...

If you want to play, post here saying that you would like to, and I'll be happy to sign you up for the game. GL HF.

Round 1 Players

- Somebeing - Moderator of Round 1
and such.

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