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Started by Perry The Pony, 2012 Apr 12, 21:25:11

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Perry The Pony

2012 Apr 12, 21:25:11 Last Edit: 2012 May 24, 15:23:07 by Perrythepony
Applications are now closed.  The applications still left in the thread are the ones that are under review then they will be deleted as we go along.



2012 Apr 12, 22:17:20 #1 Last Edit: 2012 Apr 29, 21:39:36 by Explolguy
Aw heck, let's give this a go.

Forum Name: Explolguy

Age: 18

Skype: flamingjesusguy

Moderation Experience: I am currently a moderator on a site dedicated to gaming. It has a rather sizable community of, roughly, 82,000 members, of which about 10-15,000 are currently marked as active. I have also moderated smaller sites in years past, but they are essentially defunct now.

Why would you be a good mod?: I like to think myself as a fair and intelligent person. Mainly, I can do my job without being influenced by outside influences and my own emotion. My real life job has me taking care of mentally disabled clients, and I often times have to settle arguments between clients, or have to calm down a client that is acting out. This gives me real life experience in handling arguments and tough situations that can carry over to the forum. It also gives me experience in spotting things that could potentially lead to breaking the rules or starting a massive argument. That all being said, I can still be a fun person and can be pretty easy to get along with, which I believe is a quality that a moderator still needs to have.

Also, I have customer service experience. So much anger.


2012 Apr 13, 07:01:43 #2 Last Edit: 2012 Apr 23, 17:33:01 by Ryo_D_Disk
Forum Name: Ryo_D_Disk
Age: 19
Skype: Ryo.D.Disk
Moderation Experience: no previous experience except a few minecraft servers unfortunately
Why would you be a good mod?: I'm a calm and collected person who has a good understanding for following rules and although with a new account (prior to being bt968) I know all my previous posts are gone ect but I am active it most areas of the forums even if I don't post
(Addition because of additional information)
I am also a good with dealing with people for in school I have been second in command the senior citizens computers lessons which involved dealing with a large group both the senior citizens and other helpers and help organize the lessons on a weekly basis for 5 weeks and I've helped run this for 2 consecutive years which helped improve my communication skills and helped me learn to deal with people.

(If you need any additional information feel free to PM or post here I'm more than willing to answer any additional questions)

Book Smarts

2012 Apr 13, 11:09:46 #3 Last Edit: 2012 Apr 23, 18:41:25 by Book Smarts
Forum Name:Book Smarts
Moderation Experience: None, I do however have a record of making sure any topic/post that broke the forum rules was reported in the past and present forums. EDIT: I did have a small guild in Gaiaonline a few years back which required me to mod
Why would you be a good mod?: I'm very neutral in my way of thinking and moderation(not the forum position) is a core belief to me in life. I'm always active on the forums and while I'm not a crazy poster like madness, I've always followed the rules to the point and I'm always willing to give a helping hand to any pony(body) in need or with questions.

EDIT: I know pc terms and usage, I also took a basic programming college course

Itty Bit

2012 Apr 13, 14:36:26 #4 Last Edit: 2012 Apr 13, 14:56:05 by Itty Bit
Forum Name: Itty Bit

Age: 19

Skype: Itty Bit

Moderation Experience: While not being a moderator on my internet, I have had my sharing role of leadership experiences, being the Brass section leader of my high school marching band.

Why would you be a good mod?: Whenever there is any sort of instances of trouble, I try my best to look at everything from both perspectives. I have always been a fan of following the rules, and I usually have a good sense of "what's right and whats wrong" in certain places. I also try to do things as civil as possible, and try to help the person who was wronged so they could learn from their mistakes and do better next time.

Phoenix dust

Forum Name: Phoenix dust

Age: 20 D,O,B(15/6/91)

Skype: Skyler1201

Moderation Experience: A couple of game servers and admin positions on those, I had a small amount of mod tools of another forums (has now gone off line) other wise not a great deal of experience. (not sure if it counts I've Marshalled in real life at sporting events)

Why would you be a good mod?: I can be on-line 24/7 if need be. I'm a very quick reader, and I'm used to dealing with 3 (or more) "upset" partys at once. How ever, I'm not the lenient type, i hate spam and pointless clutter, while I'm more than happy to clean, i will not let it keep happening, and ignorance is no excuse. if you knowingly do some thing against any of the rules, theres only so far the olive branch will reach. before action is taken, how ever, not being a mod guru, I'll seek others advise on the matter at hand.



2012 Apr 13, 23:41:43 #6 Last Edit: 2012 Apr 25, 10:59:53 by Goldenrod
Forum Name: Goldenrod
Age: 18
Skype: I'll PM this since it's basically my IRL name

Moderation Experience:
Modded/Admin'd on about a half dozen Minecraft servers and modded on 2 forums that are now offline

Why would you be a good mod?:
While usually cheery and silly, I can be extremely serious when the time comes. I'm always level headed, never get emotional and always follow and direct others to follow any rules there may be. I've also always been the outgoing leader sort, heading most groups I am a part of and captaining several of my athletic teams. I may not be an avid poster, but I'm on the forums for several hours each night and read through each section, and could always add more time to that if it was needed.

Ink Tracks

Forum Name: Ink Tracks
Age: 18

Moderation Experience: I have a decent amount of it, I'd say. When I was younger I ran a Neopets guild and helped a couple other people with theirs. I've moderated a few different ProBoards over the years, mostly for role play groups. I've also staffed in a few Furcadia dreams, which are like little game worlds. These 'dreams' often had forums where they listed their rules, news, took character/staff applications, and other such things. I've run a wolf role play of my own, staffed at a hybrid role play (genetic freak characters everywhere!), hosted "kill-games" at a murder-mystery dream, and staffed at a dream that originally taught classes on how to make Furcadia dreams, then somehow became like a Build-A-Home just because the owner felt like it. (Yes, I've helped some wishy-washy people.. Shhh.  =P)

I'm currently helping a friend of mine prepare her wolf role play forum for a relaunch.

Why would you be a good mod?: I write pretty clearly, so I think I can convey my point effectively when attempting to enforce a rule. My reading comprehension skills are fairly high, so it's unlikely that I will misunderstand and therefore misjudge the content of a post. I generally seek all the information on a subject out before I decide what my opinion is. I like to think I'm pretty level-headed, though I am aware that everyone has faults so I can handle a little criticism. If someone has an issue with me or something I did, I prefer they tell me directly so I can correct myself and do better in the future, or at least explain to them why I handled things the way I did. I've never been banned from anything, so I think it's fair to say I have a healthy respect for the rules. I'm home-schooled through the internet, so I can pretty much be online whenever needed.

I'm usually pretty friendly. I swing randomly between quiet and extremely talkative.   :P


Forum Name: CyanideInsanity

Age: 17, I know you said 18 at time of application, but my birthday is in 7 days. If you still feel I should wait, just say the word and I'll delete this, pretend it never happened, and wait the 7 days.

Skype: thecyanideinsanity

Moderation Experience: none

Why would you be a good mod?: Seeing the scope of the fandom, and the intended audience of the show, the rules need to followed quite carefully. This game/forum is to be acceptable to a younger audience, so moderation is needed. I'm more of a laid-back person willing to listen to both sides rather than blatantly abuse powers. However in the case of obvious trolling/rule breaking being obvious, the banhammer, or rather moderator equivalent, would see use.

A good sense of judgement, and listening to others is as important to being a good moderator as enforcing the rules. I also don't have a problem with helping others. So long as the isn't any major breaking of rules, people do deserve a second chance.
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2012 Apr 15, 16:11:31 #9 Last Edit: 2012 Apr 16, 08:58:20 by Griffy
Forum Name:Griffy
Skype:I have none, I'm sorry.
Moderation Experience: Used to be a moderater on a forum for cat lovers. Sadly was took down for reasons I was never told.
Why would you be a good mod?: I know I JUST created this account, but I have browsed for a while. I think that ALL websites need good moderater who won't abuse the system, I have been a victim of this as once I had caught a mod on another website asking a player about personal things. After double checking the rules, I reported them. When I tried logging in later that day, it said I was banned for abuse of the  report button.  I hope my lacking of Skype and newness will not hurt my chances at this wonderful oppertunity!
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Forum Name: Ozzy
Age: 18
Skype: reecewastooshort

Moderation Experience: I have limited moderation experience, being part of a mod team for a small gaming community/forum that sadly never took off. I do however have vast leadership experience, organising various groups and events both on the web and in the real world. I have also held lesser positions in various organisations on and off the web, being part of a range of different teams and alone.

Why would you be a good mod?: I beleive I have the skills and the quality that and good moderator needs: Good communication skills, tactful decision making capabilities and a neutral standing in all matters. As previously stated experiences in the past have caused me to encounter various situations which have required me to make the decisions neccessary to keep communities happy, and as such I am not afraid to do what is neccessary to preserve the spirit and bonds all good communities hold.

I am going to keep this relatively short, lest me become repetitive, thanks for your time, feel free to message me with any questions you might have.  ;)

Des Monty

2012 Apr 18, 01:51:05 #11 Last Edit: 2012 Apr 18, 02:21:06 by Des Monty
Forum Name: Des Monty

Age: 18

Skype: Styxmmo

Moderation Experience: First began moderating for an FPS game called "Crossfire" for a year and a half. After moving on towards other games I got myself situated in league of legends where I earned the title of senior wrenchmen(Still basically counts as moderating) doing tech work and cleaning up the forums for about a year. As of now I don't moderate anymore because the opportunity hasn't come up yet.

Why would you be a good mod?: I feel I would be the perfect candidate mainly because of my past history working on forums. I get along with people fairly easily, I'm highly active, I know when things have gone too far and need some cleaning up, and I abide by the rules. I'm not going to fill this to the brim with nonsense, I've covered what I had to. Give me a ring or send a PM if you want to talk, I know the chances are slim since I haven't had much community presence even back in EO but I'll work on getting myself settled.

Thunder Heart

2012 Apr 28, 11:29:51 #12 Last Edit: 2012 Apr 28, 11:39:25 by Thunder Heart
I may as well give it a go.

Forum Name: Thunder Heart
Age: 18 ( October 9th 1993 )
Skype: Destinedsky

Moderation Experience: I worked myself up from a Moderator to Co-Admin in a Lion King RPG game known as Impressive Title Returns. At it's peak, it had around 700~ members registered on the forum, and likely a handful more in game whom had obtained the download from alternative means. The game eventually split, and I continued my Administration within another server based from the same source code, Impressive Phoenix. Due to life being busy, I willingly stepped down to a Global Moderator position until the Head Admin decidedly retired the game due to personal reasons. For now, I am a Global Moderator on a smaller and private Impressive Title server, Firebird Sanctuary. Apparently, Impressive Phoenix is back up due to the H.A returning, though I would rather not return due to uncomfortable clashes regarding the higher ups with each other.

Why would you be a good mod?: I specialized in community related issues within every game of which I have worked in. My initial promotions within past experiences were earned due to dutiful actions around the forums: moving appropriate threads, locking and answering help topics, directing new members, general stuff to keep everything running smoothly. I can't offer much in terms of coding and technical prowess, though I read that it isn't necessary, but I do understand the structure and mechanics of a game due to spending time around the Design Team and coders of my previous game work.

Scarlet Sky

Forum Name: Scarlet Sky

Age: 19(August 3rd, 1992)

Skype: keyoshi_san

Moderation Experience: I use to mod for gaiaonline with an old account of mine, but I have retired from gaia because I was in school and gaia lost a lot of it's "pop." Besides that, I have also run many many (far to many) guilds on gaia (3 at minimum). They have been very successful, but when I quit gaia I sold them to others who needed a guild for a good price. I am currently the co-Admin of a group on Facebook which is very popular in my local area (it is a group for people in my area to sell and buy things). I know how to keep peace and break up fights if need be. I am very good at 'customer serves' because I used to be a manager at Pizza Hut, so I have management skills which also helped me in being a moderator. If there is anything specific that you are looking for, please let me know. I'm sure there are things that I am not thinking of. Thank you so much for the consideration.

Why would you be a good mod?: As I said, I am good with 'customer serves' meaning that I would be good at handling issues that might come up in the forums. I will be able to calmly and polity speak to others about what is going on and let them know if they did something wrong. I am also extremely strict about rules. I stick to rules like they should be. Besides that, I am a very friendly and bubbly person, but I know when to be a friend and when to be a Mod/Admin.

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