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Started by Dawnstar, 2014 Jun 11, 08:43:17

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Psh, I think it's okay if a few of your characters have the same primary color or similar color schemes, as long as their overall design is different enough. Or you could make them related, lol. Your art is pretty decent! I think you should work on your necks, though. They seem a little thick and a little too long compared to the rest of your bodies & heads.


Yeah, I ran into a little trouble trying to get the neck lengths right. A little too long and it looks odd, too short and sometimes the neck disappears. It's something I haven't quite figured out yet. I'm working on the digital portion of the characters now so it'll be an easy fix at least.

In regards to the colors though, there's not much I can do about that since I only have 5 inking pens to work with. So what I do is divide the most important sections of the sketch apart and use the pen color that's closest to what each final color is going to be. I mostly do it because I've had trouble in the past telling which line is for what when zoomed in really far since I sometimes zoom in as far as 2000% when working on the digital stage of my pictures. The final image will have a lot more color variation to it.


Decided to redesign my actual ponysona (not the pegasus I usually work with) since I didn't like his first design for a number of reasons.
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Very nice drawings Dawnstar. :D Your poynsona is cool, I love the colours.
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Thanks, I wanted to tone down the first design I made for him, since it was a bit over the top, while still keeping some of the more interesting features.

He also shares features with my human persona, namely colors and accessories, since they're pretty much one in the same individual. And since he represents me it would only be fitting to use my favorite colors.  ^-^


Whoa... Very good!  ^-^

Keep at it! Keep at it!  :P

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Finished two of the characters from the lineup sketch I posted a few days back for a game project hobby of mine.

The first is the human character I based my ponysona on (actually drew him first, but ponies take far less time to vector). He's the baseline party member capable of filling multiple roles but doesn't excel in any role like the rest of the party members.

The other character is the first permanent party member and is probably has some of the biggest impacts on the main story arcs. She's also one of the two primary damage dealers. Most notably having a lot of weak but fast multi-target attacks with a few single-target boss breakers.
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I don't know what it is but your colours are always so great! I love the colours you gave Riome Dius, (also you have unique character names!) Especially the fade from orange to pink on the feathers.
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Lots of experimenting with colors. Balancing saturation and luminosity is probably the trickiest part since if you only adjust one or the other the colors don't "pop" quite as well.

The way I do my colors sets the two inverse of each other. The higher one is, the lower the other goes. I try to keep the increments within an average of 25 per shade, but the only limit I really set on them is luminosity doesn't go below 20 because it's just too dark to tell the color past that point. I also work with a lot of complimentary, split complimentary, triadic, and other color combinations that balance well with each other.

Riome's actually a good example of that with the pink/orange complimenting the greenish blue. I tried to have a little fun with her design in general since she's a rarer subspecies of her kind.

As for names, well... throwing random letters together to make strange words has always been pretty easy for me. And with how many universes, worlds and characters I've created over the years it's been pretty vital to my creative process.


I see, I see. Well I really enjoy the way that you create characters - very lovely indeed. :)
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Another one of my Uqyrians for a personal project of mine.

Unlike the other two characters though she's better classified as a "guest" character. Being heiress to the Uqyrian throne means she can't go off running around the universe (with the exception of crazy time travel nonsense). However, she does play a large role in the early story and continues to support the party later on.

I was actually going to go with a much more purple color to her coat, but it looked strange.

I also want to finish up the last Uqyrian on the character sketch so that I can line all three subspecies up side by side.
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Finished the last of the Uqyrian character concepts which rounds out the three subspecies types. Figured I'd throw the three together in one image for comparisons.

There's a little bit of a lore snippet on the DevArt page too if you want to see the ideas behind each subspecies.

Next on the character list is one of the energy beings, plus I also drew up sketches for three of the visitable worlds that I will make presentable tomorrow.
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Been doing pony art for three years now and I just realized I have yet to make anything with the canon characters. So I took a quick break from my other stuff last night/this morning to do a quick image of Rainbow Dash to kind of celebrate.

Took ~3 hours total sketch/vector combined.
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Wow  O: Love your art man, keep up the awsome work.


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Thanks. I actually just finished a sketch of Twilight earlier in the same style I did Rainbow here which I'll hopefully have fully vectored by the end of the week.

I'm thinking of making a whole set with all six of them actually. I just need to think of scene themes is all (minus Pinkie with whom I know exactly what I'm gonna do).

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Continuation with Twilight is now finished. That background was a pain in the butt.

Wonder who can guess where the location she is reading from is?
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Man, I started this a month ago in hopes that I could finish it in a week. Then work got in the way...

Anyway, felt like doing something extra for my 100th deviation so have my ponysona getting his rump handed to him by the two sisters and Twilight in a sparring match.

Spoiler: Sparring Match • show

Spoiler: Also, I wrote a little story to go with it. • show

This was so much easier when there were only two of them, Presage Wave thought to himself as a beam of blue energy clipped the edge of his barrier and dispersed into the surrounding air.

When her highness had approached him regarding sparring sessions for her sister and herself following the changeling invasion of Canterlot he had figured it would be a challenging prospect. Being able to sense the surrounding magical energy, absorb it and then redirect it made him somewhat qualified for the task. Harnessing that much energy wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, however.

He ducked as a lance of gold missed its mark, causing an explosion of dust behind him where it had impacted. Though it did help that she was quite rusty at this.

Now her sister on the other hoof...

Another bolt of blue sliced through the air mere inches from the front of his muzzle. Whether she had missed or wished to draw his attention he couldn't say, but if it was the latter it certainly worked. If there was one thing he had learned over these sessions it was that while the elder sister was far too hesitant, almost afraid that she would hurt him, the younger sister quite frankly lacked restraint.

Of course he retaliated in kind with a burst of seven maroon-colored bolts that spun randomly in the air as they homed in on their target. She managed to avoid them of course but he couldn't help but smirk at the thought of how much the younger sister hated when he used that spell as each magic dart exploded one by one at her hooves, forcing her into the air.

However, the distraction worked as he soon found himself under fire from the elder sister's faithful student who had been biding her time on the sidelines just waiting for such an opportunity. She may not have the same power as the other two, but darn it if her keen eye for precision didn't catch him off guard more often than he was comfortable with.

She hadn't originally been included in the sparring sessions, but they allowed her to stay when she had stumbled upon them out of curiosity. Besides it kept him constantly on guard.

Speaking of which...

A triplet of nearby energy surges shook Presage from his thoughts and renewed his focus. In mid-run he kicked hard off the ground, twisting to the side as a beam of gold shot from behind and through where he had been running. The smell of burnt hair emanating from where it had pierced his barrier and clipped his tail. As his gaze twisted skyward he spotted the source of the second energy surge. The younger sister had intended on a surprise strike from above.

As the beam of her blue magic cut its way through the ground towards him the third energy surge collided with the intact side of the barrier behind him. Rather than scatter its energy to the winds he decided to harness the unicorn's spell, absorbing it through his barrier and channeling the energy alongside his own magic in a powerful beam directed at the younger sister. Forcing her to break her own spell.

However, the jump had been a little too much and Presage found himself off-balance and tumbling across the ground. As he rolled to a stop he launched a flare into the sky as he breathed heavily on the ground.

"Time out..."

Deviant Page.

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I reorganized one of the categories in the original post and renamed it for an old story idea that I've kind of put on hold right now since I've lost track of where I was going with it.

Added a new category above it for a story idea I've been toying with that mixes ancient Greek and Arthurian myths with Equestrian lore.

First addition is a picture I made for EQD's summer solstice day:
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Been a while since I've posted something here. Haven't done digital stuff in a while, been in a sketchy mood for some reason.

Anywho, been working on headcanon designs for the mane 6 lately and I've started giving my pegasi the wing and feather styles of actual birds (including rump feathers). It's not as easy as I thought at first because the feathers have to be set up just so. Rainbow in particular has been giving me trouble so I've been sketching her the most to get her feather style down.

Anywho, Rainbow rainboom sketch thing:
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Bringing the designs of my main cast characters up to date since the project they're going to be in is soon to leave the concept stage.

Also, I only have 5 pen colors that I work with so ink colors aren't actual colors. Check out my character bios for the proper mane/tail colors and cutie marks.

Image is pretty big.
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wow you can draw armour really good  O:


Thanks. Lots of practice, lots of reference images.

Though ponies are harder to draw armour for since I haven't drawn as much pony armour as I have human armour.


A kind-of spoilery scene from near the end of the first act of the story for my characters. Don't really want to say too much, but I've been having a lot of fun with the limited lore we've gotten on pre-Equestrian ponykind.

Also, I wanted an excuse to draw the main character wearing his armour.
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