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Started by Dawnstar, 2014 Jun 11, 08:43:17

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2014 Aug 20, 16:25:57 #20 Last Edit: 2014 Aug 20, 20:13:46 by Dawnstar
Yeah, I noticed that too when I put them all together. I've been contemplating changing the colors on two of them, but I'm still trying to decide what colors to go for.

Edit: Went through about 100 colors in an hour and finally found some I liked. Artisan's new hair color was easy, but man was it hard matching a new color to Blitz. Probably due to the coat color I chose for him. Either way I like the new color I finally settled on for him.

Here's the new one and it's been updated on the first post as well. I left the old one in my last post though for as long as DevArt keeps outdated links.
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2014 Aug 23, 21:02:18 #21 Last Edit: 2014 Sep 12, 20:43:03 by Dawnstar
Edit: Accidentally broke the links when posting the new picture. Don't even remember what I'd first typed here.
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My computer cried while making this, but I think it was totally worth it.
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Wow, I seriously wish I was better at art. I keep seeing all this amazing stuff on here, and I can't do anything half as good.  :o


Don't get discouraged, instead do what I do and get inspired by the other artists out there. A little patience can see a strong improvement in anyone's art.

I've only been using inkscape for about two years almost to the day, but looking back on the first images I made with it I can tell just how much I've learned since then.


Honestly, I never intended to make an Alicorn design, but my imagination was being rather insistent on having a pony form not tied to my other OCs so this was kind of the end result.

I've no intent on doing a story or anything like that with the character though. It was more something to amuse myself with and I learned a few tricks for starry stuff while making it so bonus points there.
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Been working on an RPG idea the last few months and I've finally gotten past the concept / statistics portion and have started making actual graphics for the game.

First up: a rural home for a fantasy-themed extraterrestrial species.

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You draw really good! I like the design on the tree.
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Thanks, I had a lot of fun drawing the trees.

I just uploaded the concept sketches for the species that lives in them that I drew about a month back. The second sketch has more architecture ideas including a couple more of the treehomes.

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2014 Dec 11, 16:23:40 #31 Last Edit: 2014 Dec 12, 23:45:51 by Dawnstar
A sketch of a hearth's warming picture I'll (hopefully) have finished by the holidays.

Ignore the mess around the far right pegasus' mouth. I was drawing him carrying a stocking full of candy and it ended up being a bunch of scribbles.
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Post Merge

Since I was making new cutie marks for Dawnstar's adoptive family I decided to go through the cutie marks of all my other ponies to make them a little more consistent. Not to mention improve the designs of a few of them considering some of them downright looked like crap.

So here's the first set of completed cutie marks for my characters. Click the Deviant Page link to see who's is who's and what I changed.

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A little early for holiday art, but I figured since it's finished anyway I'd share it. Click the DevArt link for a little story behind it.

Also, it's a bit bigger than my usual stuff (4k x 3k) so if big pics load slow for you here's a head's up.
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I have updated the template I'm using for my pony characters which I'm making available to anyone who wants to use it for theirs. Has a lot more info and less wasted space than my old template.

Preview image shows where everything lines up. Click the DevArt link and hit Download if you want to use the Inkscape file for your own characters.

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2015 Jan 11, 16:39:01 #34 Last Edit: 2015 Jan 11, 16:48:06 by Dawnstar
Huge image incoming.

So yeah, I've actually started writing a prelude arc for the story my OCs are based in. I also decided to refine my vectoring style by actually setting some consistency rules to vector by. The result was the following character compilation that I've been working on since mid-December whenever I hit a writer's block.


Spoiler: Characters - New Style • show

Edit: I also updated the bio template I made with a few minor changes.


Non-pony art today. Finished finalizing a bunch of character concepts for a personal project of mine and thought I'd share.

These are literally some of the oldest characters I've ever had running around my head.
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They all look super cool! :o I really like the design on the dragon creature! :3
Feel free to check out my [URL=http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=11982.0]Oc page[/URL]!


Thanks, and yeah I had fun with the idea for that one. Something like a mixture of a dragon and a basilisk in both appearance and ability.


oohhhh!  these are really awesome :3


Glad you like them. Still have a bunch more characters to make, friends, allies, enemies, bosses, etc. but darn it it was about time I finished up the main cast and actually got somewhere with this project.

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